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Super Gutsy Ways to Make a Fresh Start

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Are you seeking the thrill for life you once held so dear? Do you feel bored with life and the choices you have made that now seem to be a permanent fixture in your life? Here are some super gutsy ways to make a fresh start and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul:

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Travel Abroad!

There is nothing more thrilling than finding yourself in a space unknown to you. Traveling and experiencing different cultures is a super gutsy way to make a change and start afresh. From teaching English in China to working in a butterfly garden in Costa Rica, the world is your oyster. These are only some options should you wish to ditch your current career and fancy doing some soul-searching.

Engaging in other cultures can be greatly rewarding and many people have found a calling by going where they never thought of going. The tricky part is freeing your mind from the constraints of the norm and actually taking huge action to bring about change.


So you have been living in one place your whole life and yearn for a life outside of your comfort zone? How about relocating to a coastal city or anywhere else for that matter? Change is as good as a holiday and the hardest is taking the first step. Don’t wait until retirement before moving to a town that you have always fancied. There is no better time than now! It can spice up your life and expose you to a whole new world, filled with interesting people and different experiences.

Do That One Thing!

You have been interested in those pole dancing classes on offer, but you are concerned with the opinions of co-workers, family and friends. Or you fear shark cage-diving but you need to conquer your fear and take part in the exhilarating act of interacting with a majestic animal. What are you waiting for? It is exactly that particular feeling of awe as these examples evoke feelings of deeper happiness and sparks the ideas to other life inspiring activities. Go ahead, and do that one thing you have always wanted to do!

Reach For That Dream!

We are often dictated by the nature of our society in that we put our dreams aside to make a safe, decent living. However, this is also often at the cost of our true happiness and fulfilment. Perhaps you imagined owning a flower shop, starting a charity organisation or whatever the case may be. Reaching for that dream is a super gutsy way to make a fresh start and will also bring you the greatest joy and contentment.

Sometimes going against the grain is exactly what you need to spice up your life and create new, profound purposes. There are countless super gutsy ways to make a fresh start, the challenge is finding the one thing that will amount to your fresh start.

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