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#FitnessGoals Super Inspiring Women To Follow On Instagram

I don’t know about you, but my biggest struggle is motivation. I can be really motivated for one week and after a junk food crash on the weekend, week two is always non-existent. I’m human. I give into temptation too easy and I tell myself “it’s ok”. But it’s not just about losing weight for me, it’s about so much more. I want to be healthy, I want to do the right things for my body. Because it’s so important. In my early twenties, I could eat what I want and not be affected. But now, as I’m getting older, my body is changing. And I can notice it.

But the one thing that also really helps, is the fact that I follow all these inspiring women on Instagram, who remind me exactly why I’m doing this.



From the ages of 15-18, Sjan suffered from intense depression and anxiety. During this time, she was held back from being active and sport, which she used to love the most. But when she went to university, she found yoga.

“Initially it was the aesthetic that intrigued me. The poses seemed beautiful. Having had a history of movement and sports, the physical practice enticed me. It made me miss having the ability to bend and move my body with awareness and control.”

“Somewhere throughout this yoga journey, I found self-confidence again. Self-confidence helped me gain self-contentment. And this contentment helped me to regain my happiness, therefore my life.

Yoga helped me to find beauty in even the simple things in life. It allowed me to find gratitude for my life and also enabled me to see life through entirely new eyes; eyes of appreciation, love, kindness, happiness, and grace. Yoga was what taught me how to love myself again, and loving myself allowed me to wholeheartedly love others too.”

You can bet that a workout with Natalie Uhling will make sure you sweat. There’s no messing around when it comes to getting fit to the trainer as one of the rising stars of the NY fitness scene. The fitness guru has previously worked for Barry’s and SoulCycle, giving 100% to every class she gives. All of this had led to her creating her own method of fitness NuFit.

Through her intense, cardio/boxing classes she encourages and empowers women by showing them exactly how strong they are and can be. Natalie is breaking the myths imposed on women who train, she herself is a “beast in class” and wants her students to “tap into that energy and express their power.”

Natalie is one of the most inspiring women to follow for motivation because she is unlike any other women. She has a profound and intense passion for her craft and gives it her full attention and dedication. It’s not just about losing weight but committing yourself to a lifestyle. And that’s what you need to integrate it into everyday routine.

Hannah would be unable to live the lifestyle that she does without dedication. Her busy routine demands it. And Hannah even claims that she would be unable to keep up the dedication without planning ahead. Her one piece of advice to living a healthier lifestyle is “plan your week and make meals and working out a priority.” When planning your week make sure to include high priority goals like working out, self-care, self-improvement and career-related tasks. And by planning out your meals you’ll be making eating healthier a priority.

But it’s also important to Hannah to find and achieve that balance “When people take healthy living to extremes, it’s a really big turn-off. Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t limit you from fun, right? My following is very young and millennial, so I’m not trying to post that much of me drinking tequila.”

With Hannah, keeping inspired is important. That’s why she acts as an inspiration to all of us “The type of work that I do is aspirational, but at the end of the day what I talk about is following your dream and making it happen. The spirit of having the hustle and the drive—those are the themes that I’m trying to make relatable.”

Everyone has their own personal journey. Everyone has faced their own struggles. And Amanda has had faced her share of difficulties as she’s battled through Chronic Fatigue and found her inner yoga goddess on the way.

While training for the 2012 London games, Amanda began feeling very ill and experienced extreme tiredness constantly. After many tests, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A syndrome that only gets worse with more physical activity. She was only able to train half as much and even then she was pushing herself. To allow her body to heal, Amanda put her Olympic goals to the side.

But yoga has helped her to reclaim a part of herself back “Yoga came into it at the end of 2011. I wanted to start to do something for my body. I was slowly starting to recover, and I felt like yoga was one of the things I could do that wasn’t very strenuous. I started stretching and practicing at home and went to a few local classes and slowly absorbed information. I’ve been doing it almost every day since 2012. It gave me the ability to just have a moment to check my body, my mind, and reconnect.”

Sarah Stevenson is an advocate for investing in your skin and more importantly your body. And you don’t need this fitness mogul to tell you that’s important. But her Instagram will certainly give you the inspiration to do it. We know that keeping up this lifestyle is hard, but Sarah has an interesting way to stay motivated. She likes to mix things up with her workouts, one week she could be doing boxing, the other pilates. And it’s the perfect way to have fun and mix things up. Here’s her list to keeping up with a healthier, more active lifestyle:

1. Listen to your body
2. Eat whole foods and don’t over complicate your diet
3. Train in a way that makes your body and mind feel good! Don’t be afraid to mix up your workouts
4. Get enough sleep to promote muscle recovery and repair
5. Write a schedule and try your best to stick to it!

Kayla is one of the top influencers when it comes to fitness. She’s even published a book called “The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide”, which helps women to break their bad habits and develop better ones that will actually help them attain their goals. When it comes to helping women be the best version of themselves, it’s Kayla’s full-time job.

The way she tackles her healthy lifestyle is from a very strategic, logical viewpoint. Nothing can be done without a plan and a clear way of executing it. If becoming healthier is your goal then you need to plan for how to make it happen. “When your main goal is to get fitter, write down micro-goals of how to actually achieve that. Such as ‘saving money for a gym membership’, ‘booking in some time to work out’ – having a plan for your goals as well.”

Her Instagram account exists to inspire women to maximize their potential and see what they’re capable of “Rather than showcasing what I do, it’s more like, ‘look at this girl, look at what she’s done’. I think that’s what’s made it really relatable for women and really inspiring as well.”


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