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Even Superwoman has a Coach

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For most women, traveling through this adventure called Life can be quite a challenging and solitary journey. Whilst we may have mates, lovers, partners, best friends or associates, they somehow just don’t seem to always have the wherewithal that’s required to get us to fly at our very best on a consistent basis.

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Greater challenges

In today’s business arena, we are experiencing greater challenges, pressure, stress and competition. As this trend increases, women globally have let it be known that they have the intention of actively participating in the proceedings.

The challenge for women now is to actively participate and contribute effectively whilst still living up to their old image and responsibilities. Life-Work balance is a challenge. Navigating the hallways of long entrenched patriarchy can sometimes seem overwhelming, and hewing a new pathway through the corporate and business jungle can sometimes sap all of your energy. Some assistance would be wonderful!

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Extraordinary value

Coaching delivers extraordinary value for anyone seeking to move forward in her personal and/or professional capacity.  People approach coaches for a variety of reasons.  Some people hire coaches for a specific goal they wish to achieve. Others want the ongoing partnership that supports them in increasing their satisfaction in their lives and fulfillment of their goals. Still others need help with relationships.

Coaching proves that your past does not control your future, or your Now! Coaching for women enables them to move through and beyond their imagined limitations and challenges. Women have an critical role to fullfil in helping to build a healthier more sustainable future for humanity and the way we conduct business.

Boosts return on investment

A coach is a resource to assist you in achieving unprecedented results, but he/she will be unable to do this without your full participation and commitment. With coaching it’s all about YOU.

In a recent study of coaching effectiveness in a Fortune 500 firm, the final results proved conclusively that coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business – including additional financial benefits from employee retention, which boosted the overall ROI to 788%.

Your friends may express some surprise that you would ‘need’ a coach.  You don’t ‘need’ a coach – you are just ready for one!  People who hire coaches are winners.  They know the innate possibility of who they can become with the support and motivation of an unconditional partner and results champion.

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Life altering decision

Your decision to take on a coach will be a life altering one.  Coaching is a gift you give yourself because you know that you are worth it, so be ready and willing to receive what you are generously offering yourself.

Firstly your decision signals to your inner self, your friends and your acquaintances that you are moving forward with unambiguous intent to achieve your full potential as a human being.  It signals a clear message that you plan to move towards the top 3%-5% of people, who are happy, healthy and wealthy.

Ongoing confidential partnership

Coaching is an ongoing confidential partnership that accelerates a clients’ learning, performance and progress which results in an overall improvement in the quality of their personal and professional lives. The coach is the clients’ partner and unconditional, confidential champion for success under all circumstances.

Coaching is also ‘clearing’. It is the art of ‘clearing the way’ and supporting one’s Self, and others, in clearing obstacles, considerations, fears and barriers, and moving towards what is truly desired.

Coaching is about supporting a person on the threshold of her greatest challenge! It’s about making intelligent and audacious leaps towards, and beyond, those challenges – whatever they may be.  Coaching is unconditional love in action!

Transformational impact

Your Life or business coach will support and encourage you to call forth all aspects of yourself more fully: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A great coach will have a transformational impact on all areas of your life.

Regardless of the timing, the coach’s role as the clients partner and champion, is to facilitate the client in accessing his/her own insights, answers, passions and personal genius. A coach doubles your strength, resilience, courage and results.

Within this partnership, the coach asks powerful questions, listens intently, clarifies relentlessly, provides honest and authentic feedback, and facilitates developing thought-provoking possibilities.  Safety and trust are reinforced as the coach withholds unsolicited advice and suspends his/her judgments and opinions.

Championship athletes, top business people, leaders, top sales people, even presidents have a Coach.

Coaching can double your effectiveness and halve your efforts.  Accelerated personal and professional growth and increased satisfaction are the hallmarks of being coached!

Isn’t it time you explored new possibilities? You’re worth it, aren’t you?

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