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Do You Suffer from Super Woman Syndrome?


Psychologists are finding that Superwomen often experience the following symptoms: feelings of guilt, worthlessness, insomnia, loss of sex drive, extremes in weight gain/weight loss, chronic fatigue, feelings of inadequacy & failure, irritability, anxiety

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Who is most likely to suffer from the “Superwoman Syndrome”?

  •  a high achiever by nature
  •  may have experienced high responsibility from a young age
  •  high expectations about her ability to perform and succeed
  •  “feeds” on people praising her abilities to be the superwoman
  •  often complains of her overextended schedule
  •  has difficulty in saying no
  •  over analyses and worries constantly
  •  has a hard time relaxing
  •  tries to be everything to everyone
  •  has difficulty in asking for help

Sound familiar?

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