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How to Surprise Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Surprise Mother

Remember as a kid when it was so easy to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day? We would dream up all sorts of artist masterpieces that we just knew Mom would love and got busy painting, gluing and coloring our way into her heart. However, as we (and our mothers) grow and age, it can become more difficult to truly surprise her on Mother’s Day. Sure television and retailers would have us believe that flowers and cards are the only way to go on this special occasion, yet this is too easy and predictable and doesn’t pack a whole lot of punchie-surprise.

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Listen and Learn: Complaints Speak Volumes

Whether you are buying a gift for your own mother, grandmother or the mother of your child, take some time before the big day to really find out what she wants and desires. This does require paying attention to her when she is talking, especially when she is complaining. That’s right. Women won’t necessarily articulate what’s bugging them “in so many words” but they will grumble and complain. It could be in muttered frustration, or quite loudly, but whichever way it comes out, take it to heart and try to give her the solution to it on Mother’s Day. It could be as simple as a few hours to herself, a day at the spa, or even just a meal she doesn’t have to prepare.




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