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How to Surprise Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Surprise Mother

Mending Fences

Mothers day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take the opportunity to mend fences. If you have had a falling out with your mom, it’s time to let by-gones be by-gones and repair the relationship – what better surprise could there be then going to someone with forgiveness in your heart and love in your voice? Mother’s never want to be at odds with their children, so do what it takes to resolve the tension. No one knows how long they have left on this Earth, so mend those broken feelings and relationships before it’s too late.

Along this same line of thinking is to be the mediator in fixing other relationship problems. For example if your mom has a relative in a far off place, give her a long distance calling card, set up a Skype chat or even give her a plane or bus ticket to get her there for a visit. This type of gift will create memories that will far outlast a bouquet of flowers or candy.


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