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What Symbolizes Entrepreneurship in Women


Worldwide, women form a large part of the entrepreneurial sector. So What Symbolizes Entrepreneurship in Women? Here is a list to answer just that:

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1. Breaking Expectations

In many societies women have to go against the cultural tide of attitudes and values in order to become entrepreneurs. These cultural expectations and traditional gender roles often place women as responsible for household chores and with the role of primary care givers.

As a result women have to juggle their families and their jobs, which can restrict their ability to grow their business. While child care may seem like a solution to some, social pressures may dissuade others to place their child in the care of others. When women enter the business world they are breaking the ground beneath them that ties them to cultural expectations.

2. Overcoming fear

Fewer women believe that there are many opportunities for entrepreneurship and that they have the ability to succeed in their endeavour. Then again fear doesn’t just affect women; it can equally affect our male counterparts. But fewer women are likely to start a business due to this fear. Which is why, when women enter into entrepreneurship they are facing and defying it.

3. Building our network

Networking amongst most women entrepreneurs and business owners is generally less diverse and smaller than those of their male counterparts. Instead we tend to rely more on our personal relationships, particularly with family members, than other sources.

But don’t fret; women are beginning to learn the importance of networking. Women are learning how to create connections and networks with people who can provide them with services and advice. They are also learning the bigger and more diverse their connections, the more likely the business is to succeed.

4. The right leadership skills

According to research conducted by leadership experts at Zenger Folkman, women are better leaders then men. We build better teams, are more liked and respected as managers, can combine logical and intuitive thinking, are more aware of the implications of actions and think more precisely about resources needed to reach a given result.

We know that you have to nurture your staff to sustain rapid growth and that it doesn’t happen without our employees. Basically we embody the 21st century leadership skills of sharing, communication and cooperation.

 5. Always Learning

Women are all about self-development, it is one of the areas in which we outshine the men. We know that we don’t know everything, which is what promotes us to keep learning and growing. So we read business books, listen to advice, and attend advisory groups and professional development conferences.

We also share – those of us who have built successful business share their secrets, knowing that other women can learn a lot from it. We’re also more likely to seek outside counsel from sponsors, mentors and advisors. Women are hungry for knowledge, a trait that we use to our best ability in running a business.

6. Learn from our failures

Most women are perfectionist. So speaking about failure for some is something that goes against the grain. But, we know that no one succeeds on their first try and use this to learn from our failures. Women don’t only share their successes, they also share their failures. We then use what we’ve learnt and apply it to the next strategy in hope that this time it will succeed.

Being a women entrepreneur isn’t always an easy job. But as women we have the right skills and mind set in order to succeed where men have not.

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