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4 Reasons Why You Need to Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence

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Every parent wants their child to be intelligent. You want them to be the best they can possibly be and use the gifts they have to live the best possible life for the future. Emotional maturity can be identified by these 5 characteristics:

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1. Being self-aware

For so long, parents focused on making sure that their child excelled academically, fixating on developing rationally intelligent children, which is important.  You want your child to be a well-mannered and socially aware person when they grow up – that’s why teaching your child emotional intelligence is so important. Know what your emotions are, what triggers them as well as your strengths  and weaknesses.


2. Being able to manage our own emotions

Dealing with moods and feelings and knowing how to react to situations.

3. Being able to motivate ourselves

Working at achieving a goal set by you and focusing on that despite outside influences.

4. Being socially aware/ showing empathy

Understanding and reading other people’s needs and emotions. To be socially comfortable and able to work in groups.

5. Being able to manage relationships

Behaving in a positive manner when in a relationship with others. Managing conflict, negotiation and resolution.

Why is it important your child develop emotional intelligence? Here are a few areas that emotional intelligence will benefit your child:

At school

Emotional intelligence can help your child navigate the social pressures of school and overall perform better academically.

Their health

Stress is not something that happens only to adults. The inability to manage stress levels can lead to serious health problems. Children too, find themselves in stressful situations and by being emotionally intelligent- they can find ways to manage that stress.

Their mental health

Uncontrolled stress also impacts mental health, which can lead your child to depression and anxiety. If your child has terrible mood swings and uncontrollable emotions and is not able to form friendships, making them feel lonely it could be that they don’t understand and can’t manage their emotions.

Their relationships

If your child has a higher emotional intelligence they will be able to handle relationships, cooperate and understand how to properly relate and respond to friends, teachers and classmates.

Your child will develop emotional intelligence over time and it takes time and patience to teach your child to be an emotionally mature person.

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