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Why it is Important to Tell Your Partner What You Expect

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Have you always kept a list of the characteristics and hopes of what you expect from your ideal partner? Does your partner live up to your “ideal list”? Do you feel like you could do better than the person you are currently with? Or are you just being too hard on yourself and your partner? Here is why it is important to tell your partner what you expect:

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It’s good to have a set of expectations when it comes to the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Relationships are hard to navigate and if you are not sure of what you want from it, it can make you and your partner miserable. No matter what relationship you are in, expectations set a standard for how we plan on interacting with others, be it those you live with, your family or your friends.

When it comes to relationships there are certain expectations that should come standard between you and you partner. A common sense of respect, loyalty, honesty etc. are a few examples of perfectly reasonable expectations.  Voicing what your expectations may be of your partner, can be an instrumental piece in making your relationship easier to be in. if your partner is unaware of what you expect of them or when they don’t behave or act in a way that you would have perceived they would, you could find yourself in a state of disillusionment.

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