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The Best Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas In South Africa for Babies Who Don’t Drink Milk.

Have you ever wondered why some babies are able to drink milk from the breast and others aren’t? Some infants are lactose intolerant and can’t drink milk. Others might have difficulty digesting other types of formulas. For these reasons, infant formula is an essential step in helping babies grow up healthy. But what kind of infant formula should you buy for your baby? The answer is usually Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas.

It can be difficult to find formulas for babies who don’t drink cow’s milk. Most infant formulas are made from cows’ milk, which is why it can be difficult to find a formula that is suitable for your baby without cow’s milk. But if you’re still on the hunt for the best infant formula, here are some tips to finding the best-hydrolyzed formulas in South Africa for babies who don’t drink cow’s milk.

This article gives a list of the best formulas for infants who don’t drink milk, giving their pros and cons.

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What are the best Hydrolyzed Formulas for babies 0-6 months?

There are a variety of formulas for infants who don’t drink milk. The best formula for your baby depends on the reason they can’t drink milk, as well as specific medical conditions and allergies.

Hydrolyzed Formulas: These formulas are defined as cows’ milk-based formula treated with enzymes in order to break down most of the proteins that cause symptoms in allergic infants.  What this also means is that the protein content is broken down into smaller proteins, making it easier for the baby to digest.  What is important to know about hydrolyzed formulas is whether they are partially hydrolyzed or extensively hydrolyzed. 

Partially hydrolyzed formulas are often recommended by health care professionals for infants who are allergy-prone/ have a family history of allergies, in order to prevent these allergies from occurring in the infant.  The higher the level of hydrolyses/ the more the protein is broken down, the better the product would be in preventing allergies, reducing the allergenicity of the product. 

Neonatal formulas: These formulas are designed to provide hydration and nutrition to babies during the first month of their life. They are made with protein and amino acids that help decrease the risk of illness and infection.

Cow’s milk-based formulas: There is a wide variety of cow’s milk-based formulas available for babies who don’t drink milk. These formulas are made from cow’s milk proteins but have been modified in order to make them more digestible for infants with cow’s milk protein intolerance or cow’s milk protein/lactose intolerance. Cow’s milk-based formulas do not contain lactose or any other type of sugar, so they are suitable for babies with lactose intolerance or soy protein intolerance. Some infant formulas that contain only casein (the main protein found in cow’s milk) include Nutramigen, Aptamil Gold, and Enfamil Newborn Formula A+ GOS High Protein Concentrate (with Iron).

You can read more in-depth information on the different types of formula in our article here: Everything You Need to Know About Baby Formula

Pros and cons of hydrolyzed infant formula

Pros of hydrolyzed infant formula:

– It’s made from natural ingredients and has no added sugar.

– It’s not as expensive as some other formulas.

Cons of hydrolyzed infant formula:

– It doesn’t have the same nutritional value as milk.

– Some parents find it hard to digest because it can be really thick if your baby isn’t used to eating it.

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How to pick the best formula for your baby.

One of the first things you should do is talk to your pediatrician about your baby’s nutrition. This will help you determine what type of formula your baby can digest, which will allow you to make a better decision about which formula to buy. Other than that, you can look for formulas that are free from allergens or soy and corn. There are many formulas on the market that contain ingredients that won’t harm the health of your child.

With all of that in mind;  we’ve rounded up the best formula milk for every kind of baby. Got a baby who’s a picky eater, or one with a sensitive stomach? There’s a formula for that, too! From GMO-free and organic options to a goat’s milk version and hypoallergenic picks. *Remember that not every baby will agree with or like these formulas. Keep an eye on your baby and speak to your doctor if you are unsure about anything.

The below diagram can help you to determine if your baby is suffering from cow’s milk allergies or perhaps something else * Remember that you should speak with your doctor before making any changes to your babies diet or formula

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Source Novalac

The Best Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas In South Africa

Novalac HA

The Best Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas In South Africa - novalac ha

Novalac Allernova Smooth

The Best Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas In South Africa - novalac Allernova smooth

Nutricia Stage 1 Whey-Based Infant Formula 450g

The Best Hydrolyzed Infant Formulas In South Africa - nutricia

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