The Future is Here

I heard it once said, that the future is already here, but just not evenly spread around, just yet.  So what is this future that I’m beginning to see?

I heard it once said, that the future is already here, but just not evenly spread around, just yet.  So what is this future that I’m beginning to see?

Greedership and Leadership

You may not have read my previous comments on the difference between GREEDERship and LEADERship, So let me explain the difference.

A GREEDER is someone, typically male, who “motivates and manipulates” a group of people, to risk their health, wealth and happiness, all for the greater good of more money for the shareholders/owners, with the tacit knowledge, that by the time of retirement (65 odd), these “workers” are very likely to be very close to the poverty line. The chief reason for the business is to just make money – No Soul in that goal, is there?

A LEADER, on the other hand, includes more women nowadays, who see the value of balancinging the importance of people and profits. A LEADER is someone who understands that the lifeblood of a business is profit, but it’s not the sole reason for the business at the cost of human experience. A real leader stimulates engagement through inspiration, oxygen of the Soul – They embrace the value of our most valuable assets which are our people, and they walk this talk. They speak and lead from their heart.

I was thinking about our current levels of unemployment, low entrepreneurial levels and the impact learned helplessness has on the situation. In a conversation, I blurted out that women are collaborative and not competitive and that’s why they typically struggle in the competitive entrepreneurial arena. That’s why our simple info-preneur collaboration project had been so successful.

From the moment we awaken until we finally fall asleep, fear is a dominant state experience in our daily lives. We’re anxious of health risks; distrustful of business, government and marketing; wary of our neighbors, robot peddlers; and just plain scared of terrorism, violence, hijacking, assault, dying and running out of money.

In almost every field of business or marketing, fear is used as the motivating force to get us to give them our money. Yet, the greatest human desire is to love and be loved. The second greatest is to inspire and be inspired. But when fear rules our thoughts, feelings, frame of reference and our hearts, there is very little room left for love, inspiration, collaboration or making a positive difference to others lives.

Collaboration and inspiration is better

This got me thinking and calculating again. So currently, I began looking for a sponsor to re-launch an entrepreneurial project that I was involved with about 8 years ago. It was a collaborative business model rather than competitive, which is why 95% were previously disadvantaged individuals and of those 80% were women. We did some amazing stuff with these people and their lives were transformed in many ways.

Something just clicked for me again and I started to dream where we had 500,000 people this time… all collaborating, learning, earning, coaching, growing, supporting, encouraging, positive, resilient and paying it forward for the greater good of the group and the causes they support.

It’s about creating a platform and structure for people to simply iLEAP2 a better quality of life. For a long time now, I’ve been advocating the need to give people a simple, step by step process and platform, to enable them to build their financial IQ and provide a means for them to ENSURE their future wellbeing.  It’s like success ENSURANCE rather than insurance.

A new vision for Business

So I began exploring possible donors or sponsors for the start up. Along the way I discovered a new type of business where the heart definitely speaks. I came across Bransons’ Virgin Unite and a real heart-based company, Ello Mobil – they’re a cellphone company that gives a majority of their profits back into a range of sustainable social projects. They are not the only ones I found. Witness Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah and others. Sustainable philanthropy is an amazing vision and destiny.

There are more that I’ve discovered where the prime goal was to give most of the profits back to the people who supported, created and contributed. Essentially they uplift stakeholders, not just the shareholders. There are leaders who are seeing the value of people and profits, and making new powerful decisions like this that will impact the reasons we go to work forever.  Something really worthwhile to actually go to work for, instead of just making the bosses richer.

So based upon my past encounters, I’ve devised a self-sustaining plan, that will provide a platform and step-by-step structure for education, coaching, self development and entrepreneurial collaboration via the web, CD/ DVD and face-to-face presentations and interaction.

The education, coaching and action learning covers a range of subject matter including health, personal finance and financial IQ, mind development, personal transformation, relationships, resilience and attitudinal shift as well as a way for people to pay-it-forward to less fortunate people. We did it with 6 000 people, why not 500,000 this time?

Ensuring success

I’ve decided to design and grow an organization based ENSURANCE. Applying real leadership, rather than GREEDERship principles. Essentially, the intention is to create a structure, platform and service that ENSURES people will have a brighter future – filled with health and healthy attitudes, wealth and economic independence, and sufficient happiness to make a positive difference in other peoples lives as well as their own. It’s almost like networking and paying-it-forward happiness. Why insure when you can ensure your future.

I don’t know, if anyone can honestly call themselves a leader, when they have staff, who spend most of their waking time, slaving for a salary, that they just survive on, knowing that in their future, by 65, they’ll be broke! All you have to do is look at the statistics from the financial institutions.

Basically by the time you are 65, irrespective of your good intentions, the reality is that around 3% will be wealthy, 7% will be rich, 12% will have to continue to work, 29% will die, and the remainder will be on the Alpo dog food diet. It’s not hard to see the writing on the side of your life-journey-bus, as to which group you belong to today.  Which road was paved with good intentions?

So, if you took some of your not so great insurance and put it into ensurance, we could have a very different future. The insurance industry makes billions of profits from us each year for their owners and shareholders. Wouldn’t it be great to have a business system that shares most of those profits with its members?

Imagine changing the world from competitive to collaborative, where I win if you win, and you win if they win…etc.  The truth is most women are not highly competitive, so why must they try to compete when they can optimize their efforts and skills and collaborate. Collaborative entrepreneurship…amazing idea?

We all have the potential. We have amazing potential. But the real issue is how much of your potential is being utilized? My theory is that the reason we don’t use this potential is because the visions espoused through the corporate brainwashing channel are merely a cover up for “make-more-profits-for-the-corporation and Greeders.  No soul in that goal at all.

That why, we now have an opportunity to change the rules of the game. Some companies have started. Others will follow. Others will just fade away…

Honor and Value
Here is my challenge to you as women and/or leaders… What is your real Destiny, Cause & Calling?

Destiny – Why I am here

Cause – How I will be

Calling – What I will do?

What can and will you do, to become part of an incredible wave of greatness and generosity? What can you do to ensure people feel valued, honored, respected and valuable?

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa

What is a terra-threat/ human-threat that you feel deserves your energy and passion? How will you show up? And what are you inspired to do to be an active, collaborative, leader in creating a better life for all? Women need to be the ones to step up now. Through past actions, many men have clearly revealed their intent and mindset.

So, how can you ensure your staffs’, and your own, health, wealth and happiness?

I’ve seen a way.

Why do we really have to continue with business as usual? Could an enlightened view not be to create business vehicles and systems that enable and support us to create and live a superior quality of life?

And whilst I’m on about this goodhearted, build a better, more sustainable, loving, caring world…kind of buzz…What’s happened to our black philanthropists?

If you don’t have a simple, sustainable, solution or you’re interested in collaborating, sponsoring or donating, chat to me sometime, I’ll share my dream with you that reveals that for a nominal ENSURANCE amount, we can begin to create a collaborative entrepreneurial support and empowerment system that can engage 500,000 South Africans and impact millions more on a sustainable and empowering basis.

All I require is a cool million or three to launch. So if you’re feeling generous – give me a call to see how we can synergise and ENSURE a wonderful destiny for us all.

Mind you, when you contact me, your mind will have to be like a parachute to work, and be of any value… OPEN!  Will you be a new bighearted leader or an old scrooge like greeder? You decide… in every action…thought and feeling. We are the masters of creating.

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