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The Most Dangerous Things a Woman Can Say Yes To


We know the dangers of being a yes man/woman, and how not being able to say no can be detrimental to your life. While the risks of saying yes may not be dangerous in the sense that it may physically harm you, saying yes to some things can hamper your success, ruin relationships, and negatively influence your self-esteem. If you want to know what are the things you should not say yes to, here is a list of 5 dangerous things a woman can say yes to.

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 Agreeing With Negative Thoughts

We know that a positive outlook on life is the best way to live. Saying yes to the negative thoughts you have can have a far more dangerous effect on your life than the mean things other people say about you. Being too hard on yourself, worrying and having a low self-esteem will make you hate the person you are and doing these things will help you accomplish nothing. So learn to say NO to the mean person in your head!

 Saying Yes To Distractions

Do not say yes to things that may distract you. If you have set you mind on doing something and a distraction arises, if it is not an urgency, say no. it is so easy to find yourself saying yes to going out with friends and family, saying yes to buying things you don’t need and falling into the habit of procrastination. The danger of saying yes to distractions is that you lose focus of your goals and that always sets you back in whatever you intended on achieving.

 Staying In Toxic Relationships

Never ever, say yes to staying in a relationship that is unhealthy. Not only are toxic relationships dangerous for your mental and physical health, it could also affect the people closest to you. If you are in a toxic relationship, the best thing for you to do is to end the relationship because you don’t want to find yourself looking for other reasons to stay in it.

 Social Pressure

Saying yes to social pressures is dangerous because you may feel that you are not living the life that other people expect you to live. Agreeing with social pressures from work, your family, society, and friends will only give you stress and make you miserable because you are not able to live the life you choose to live. What you should say yes to is living a life that is well balanced and most importantly, one where you are happy with yourself!

 Jealousy And Gossip

Jealousy is something that everyone deals with and it is something that you have to work on constantly to overcome. The reason why jealousy is dangerous is that it makes you unhappy. You should not say yes to your jealous feelings, but rather identify why you have these feelings and work on how to change your views on them.

Gossip is also a dangerous thing to say yes to. When we partake in slandering others it can ruin their reputation and destroy relationships for no reason, especially if the gossip is baseless and mean.

Women need to take charge of their lives and the only way that is possible, is if we refuse to stick to the status quo and step out of our boundaries to achieve goals and live the life we want. Never say yes to things that you know will affect your life in the worst way and always try to stick to the values that you have set for yourself.

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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