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The One-Minute Breathing Technique That Will Calm Your Soul

One minute breathing technique

Sometimes a person’s day-to-day routine can be so overwhelming and exhausting that it is hard for them to just take time to relax. Wellness is not just about taking care of your body to be healthy, but is a mixture of taking care of “the self” through mind, body and soul.

There has to be a certain balance between the three to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

When you are a working woman in a busy environment or constantly surrounded by children (yours mainly), your days are filled with something to do. By the time you can manage a quiet minute, you are so tired and ready to pull your hair out, that the only thing that you can manage to do is fall into bed.

You can become so caught up in catering to everyone else’s needs and wants, you somehow neglect yourself – this leads to you becoming dangerously close to burning out if you aren’t already.

One Minute a day
It doesn’t matter how busy you are or who is vying for your immediate attention, take a minute or two anytime during the day and just breathe. Literally.

Breathe and concentrate on that breathing until you can feel yourself relax and then reflect on your day. As odd as this sound, it is very important just as much as exercising and eating well. Your sanity is just as important.

Learning to breathe or to just sit in a quiet place, room or corner for a certain period of time to gather your thoughts can and will do you a world of difference. This is one of the sure ways you can reduce stress levels and a way to keep calm in your daily routine. This way you can be more patient with the people around you and endure the worst possible circumstances.

Spoil yourself
Some people might think that visiting a spa for a day or however long is a waste of time and money. However, it is a fantastic way to actually achieve two out of the three things that can help you with a balanced lifestyle.

First of all, a spa is a calming area where you can get massaged or sit in a nice sauna just have a moment of peace and quiet. Just by being in a soothing environment such as a spa can melt away all the tension from your daily pressures to regain much needed energy to get back to your daily demands.

But, if you cannot visit a spa, do not fear, remember anywhere in your house where you will find a quiet space is adequate. Even if it means locking yourself in your bathroom to try and get away from all the noise around you, do it. Just close your eyes, try to relax and breathe. It will be your own personal time to meditation and focus on yourself for a change.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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