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The Power of a Mentor


…..we know the value of gathering with intention. Women understand the value of relationships. We understand the fulfillment a good relationship can bring to ourselves and to others. We have casual relationships;  coffee with friends, friendships with other Mothers with children, shopping, exercising, car pooling with friends. We have relationships with other women at work, lunch buddies, and co-workers.

And then there’s those deliberate relationships.  Those deliberate partnerships, if you will.  We form relationships to go deeper, for mutual support, to share ideas, to pool resources.

We make these formations with a particular intention in mind because we also know the value of gathering with intention. And those of us lucky and smart enough to find a good mentor, know how important this piece can be for both our personal and professional lives.

Some call it Power Partnerships.  I call it Mentoring.

So, how do you seek out a mentor?  Try this exercise…

  1. Write down all the people in your personal life:  your friends, your family, anyone.
  2. Write down all the people in your professional life.
  3. Look at the names, say each one out loud. How does it feel to say that name? How do you feel about that person and how do you feel about yourself as you say his or her name?  How do you feel about that person and how do you feel about yourself as you focus on that person?
  4. Put a star next to those relationships you feel good about and write down how  each one may contribute to your personal and or professional growth. What do you admire or do not admire about this person?
  5. Circle the people you don’t feel good about, that perhaps drain you in some way.
  6. Review all relationships with a circle.  Can you say or do anything to improve this relationship? Then do it. OR release this relationship. If it’s involuntary, work out a strategy for dealing with it.
  7. Select the person to whom you are drawn the strongest and consider approaching him or her to be a mentor to you.

Remember that a mentoring relationship must be a WIN for both the mentor and you.  It’s important to ask powerful questions and acknowledge the relationship with an exchange of personal strengths.

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