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The Power of Colour

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Feeling great, but looking tired and run down? It could be that that you are wearing the incorrect colours not suitable for your skin tone and before you know it, how you look can become how you feel. A  Colour make-over can be the solution to your dilemma.

We should never underestimate the power of colour and the image we project by either wearing the correct, image enhancing colours or incorrect, unflattering colours.

Ever been asked if you are feeling okay or had a late night when you in fact felt quite energetic? It could be because you were wearing sludgy coloured clothing. A sludgy colour can be described as murky or opaque. A clear colour on the other hand, is characterized by its clarity. When wearing a clear colour, you might get compliments like “have you lost weight” or “you look stunning today”. Instantly you feel full of life and sparkle.

In summary, sludgy, murky colours drain your skin tone, whereas clean, clear colours give your skin life and energy.

Do a simple test:  Stand in front of a mirror and drape a clear coloured item over your one shoulder and a sludgy coloured item over your other shoulder. Hold each across your chest and see what it does to your skin tone. You will instantly see that the sludgy colour drains your skin tone and the clear colour, brightens your skin tone, enhancing your image.

Throwing out all those sludgy colours is a good start to any wardrobe make-over!

So besides sludgy colours, how do you determine which other colours suit your skin tone and which do you avoid?

Chata Romano, a well known International Image Consultancy, has developed a Colour System based on four skin tones – Soft, Medium, Deep and Rich.

One of these will apply to you.

The main difference between this system and all the other colour systems, is the fact that they look at your skin tone – which is the shade of the colour of your skin, being pale, rosy, golden, olive or dark. They do not look at the undertone (underlying colour) of your skin or your hair and eye colour.

Let’s look at a description of each of these skin tone types:

SOFT: Extremely pale, fair or porcelain skin tone

Celebrity examples: Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie

MEDIUM: Golden or rosy skin tone

Celebrity examples: Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Princess Diana, Julia Roberts

DEEP: Olive, light brown or light black skin tone

Celebrity examples: Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry

RICH: Dark brown to black skin tone

Celebrity examples: Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Iman

For each of these skin tones, a different colour chart was created, divided into three categories: Hair colours, Make-up colours and Clothing Colours, indicating which colours suit your skin tone best.

It is designed to fit perfectly into your handbag, protected by a protective pouch.

Owning a colour chart is a financial life saver AND your licence to shop!


Want to change your hair colour, but scared not knowing which other colours suit you?
Take your colour chart to your hair stylist, and show her/him the desired new colour selected from the hair colour section, whether it be highlights or a complete new base colour.
Want to change your foundation brand, but do not know which colour?
Your colour chart will contain a foundation strip that matches your skin tone perfectly. Hold the foundation strip along your jaw line (in good day light) and see which one colour blends in with your face, neck and chest. Once you have found a match, take your colour chart to the make-up counters and match your new foundation by applying tester colours on your strip – it is laminated and UV protected! Avoid testing foundation on your hand as the skin tone is not the same. as your face, neck and chest.
Want to buy a new top or jacket?
Take your colour chart with you when shopping and ensure you pick a colour that will make you look radiant instead of wasting R600 on a sludgy coloured jacket.

Start your colour make-over today by investing in a colour consultation or your own personal colour chart, available @ R190 from Willene Swart, Certified Chata Romano Image Consultant. Contact her at willeneswart@ymail.com or 082 4511 959 for Your Complete Image Solution™    www.chataromano.com

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