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The Power of Possibility

Where are you right now in your life? Are you where you want to be? Are you just trundling along, hoping life will magically give you your dreams? Are you stuck in your comfort zones?  I would hazard a guess, that if you are working for a boss, in a job, you are J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!)

Many women are 2-3 months away from personal insolvency.  Consider this… For how long can you live, at the same quality of life, without an income, before you run out of CASH?

So what is it that’s stopped you from going for more? Are you optimizing your potential? Are you really happy where you are, or would you love more? Do you believe it’s possible for you to have more? What don’t you go for more?  Maybe you don’t really believe it’s possible for you!

Let’s explore how we can get from IM-POSSIBLE to POSSIBLE.  From this standpoint, there are 3 kinds of people in the world…

1. Those that make things happen.
2. Those that watch what happens, and
3. Those that wonder what’s happened!

Which are you from the three groups above?

From the last level (group 3), many of those people have basically resigned themselves to the fact, and fate, of their current life. They allow their own inner self-talk, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem to keep them from going out, confronting their fears and uncertainties and doing something to make a change. In resilience terms, it’s called Learned Helplessness.  Not really trying – given up hope of it ever being different.

You will probably discover that around 15%-20% of your staff lives in this state of mind.

Many of our PDI’s live in this state. They are like the elephant at the circus, tied to a flimsy pole with a thin rope. IF the elephant believed it could get away – it WOULD!  It CAN, but does not believe it’s possible, because of the elephants’ past programming and experiences that have now been encoded into its mind as “fact”. And so it stays a slave to an invisible belief – a silly belief about past events – held true now, turns possible into IM-possible.

So what really stops you from achieving your dreams? Many people say… money, opportunity, markets, race, sex, upbringing, and yabba yabba yabba…are the limiting factor of possibility – all based upon nonsense BELIEFS!

The middle (group 2) of people probably makes up the bulk of your organization – around 60%-80% typically.  They have the potential and the possibility, but not the vision, clarity, focus, energy, self-esteem or confidence.  This group are driven and limited by their fears of rejection, fears of failure, anger at life being so hard, and yet still stuck in their comfort zone.

What these two groups don’t understand, is that because of their invisible, limiting beliefs, their future is very bleak and severely limited, and they are destined, with their future diets, to be a consumer in the Alpo Dog Food sales and projections.

This is not conjecture. Its fact, based upon research here and in the USA on levels of wealth at retirement by the insurance companies.  If you care for these people at all, explore all avenues of possibility, in getting them to shift their perspectives, beliefs, attitudes and actions.  Consider in-house workshops, coaching, start a library of positive books, have regular chat sessions about this challenge. Explore the possibility of growing your people as well as your profits.

The top group, those who “make things happen” – (5%-15%), have the following traits that you may consider evaluating yourself against. Rate yourself between 1 and 10 and see how close you are to turn impossible into possible.  Discover what stops your possibility. It’s all in the IM – the INNER MOMENT!

Clarity of PURPOSE – A clear VISION of what they plan to achieve in this life

Clear written GOALS in all 6 areas of their lives (See 6 Mountains for More)

EFFORTS and ACTION are FOCUSSED on their goals and outcomes

Fuelled by a PASSION for their efforts and vision/destiny

Internal MENTAL CHATTER is friendly, supportive and positive

High levels of SELF-ESTEEM

High levels of ENERGY – right food, exercise, sleep, etc.

They BELIEVE their dream is POSSIBLE

Have a GOOD sense of SELF-IDENTITY

No/Low levels of anger, blame or shame

COURAGE > Fear  – (False Expectations Appearing Real) – Tame their dragons

Put their PAST FULLY BEHIND them – no/low static – it’s a stepping stone now

Highly RESILIENT – always bounce back and usually quickly

RESPOND to challenges rather than reacting unconsciously (Response-Able)

Their efforts also support a greater CAUSE than just to make some or more money

ATTITUDE – they always have a positive frame to all challenges

INSPIRE themselves and others – Motivation is manipulation!

Remember “IOE-ICCIN” – It’s Only Energy – I Can Change It Now!

Just about everyone could move up to the top group … of Make-it-happen. It’s a decision you take and choices you make. Most people are not self-starters, they need someone…like you, to awaken them again.

Possibility or impossibility is controlled and limited by the way you manage your inner moments. IF you don’t manage them, external stuff called life will manage them and you – turning possible into IMpossible in a jiffy, very often irrevocably for most people.

The true ignominy of the issue is that most people are working to help other people get their dreams – usually the “boss”. If you are not working actively on your dreams, who is?  And who could?

Have you let IM slip in quietly in between you and your dreams – Between you and possibility? Self-belief, self-esteem, courage and confidence and action are the foundation of beginning to shift the IM in IMpossible.

Please don’t believe that a simple morning’s talk by some motivational “guru” is going to shift a lifetimes worth of mental programming, misguided thoughts and limiting beliefs. With motivation, it last until the motivator leaves the building. Witness any motivational talk. How many people remain motivates 3 months later?  Few….very few!

It takes a little more care, a little more time, but I can tell you its possible to measure a persons’ AQ or resilience level (belief in possibility) and we have a process… not an event…a real powerful life-changing process, that you can begin to draw on, in supporting your staff to shift IMpossible back into POSSIBLE!  Remember…Inner moments control outer destinies!

If you loved and cared for them you would do it. If you truly lived by the truism “that we are all a part of ONE”, you’d do it. So when will you begin to shift the IM in IMpossible for you and your staff or team?  When will you begin to transform and heal yourself and support others in their transformation and healing?

The world and the workplace have shifted quite dramatically in the last 10 years.  We speak about love and Spirit@work at work. We’re moving from divisive religious dogma towards a truly spiritual, embracing, compassionate, caring and uplifting workplace.  We’re slowly moving away from only… money, money, money – GREEDERSHIP, towards authentic Higher Ground LEADERSHIP – uplifting all, not using them like a battery-in-business.

So I challenge you to rate yourself, and your staff, on the Achievement Possibility profile above and explore areas where you can begin today to take the IM out of IMpossible. If you think about it the only think that makes anything Impossible, is the way we think about it. So shift your thinking from stinking-thinking to a new and more powerful perspective. Anything is possible.

I believe that the old war… “kill the enemy” paradigm has had its time! It’s time for women leaders to take us into the emotional economy with love, care, feeling, healing, integrity, collaboration and consciousness – higher ground leadership.  “Ladies …. Start your engines!”

For a free AQ/Resilience profile surf to
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Tony Dovale
Your High-Voltage Coach and Alchemist
Life Masters Team Building

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