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The Ultimate Goal Setting Plan


Having a sound goal setting template that you can easily follow is one of the greatest tools to help fulfill your dreams and attaining anything that you desire in life. Make 2015 your greatest year ever!

The one thread that runs through any conversation with rich, successful people is that they would not have achieved their rewards in life had they not written out clear, concise goals for themselves. This does not mean that they said: I want to be successful and then it happened. No, each day requires a series of planned actions that need to be accomplished in order to lead to the next day’s accomplishments.

Writing it down

There is a problem that stands in the way of people who have a lot of goals, and that is that they do not write them down. There is so much that needs to be done each day in order to be successful, that it appears too daunting a task. However, if the top five goals for the day are written down and prioritized, you can cross each accomplishment off the list as soon as it is completed. This allows you to focus on the next step in the day. All of these steps you complete take you closer to your long distance goal. Then you can write your goals for the next day, achieve those, and so on until you find your goals within your grasp.

Whatever your goal is, you must break your long term goal down into the following steps:
•    Annual goal
•    Monthly goals
•    Weekly goals
•    Daily goals

Annual Goal

The following is a goal to make a certain amount of money, but can be applied to most goals:

Choose a goal that you want to achieve in 2015. Take a pad of paper and write for example: “How can I earn R360 000 this year?” Next, spend ten to fifteen minutes writing down any number of ways you can think of that will help you earn this amount of money. No matter how ridiculous the idea may be, just write it down until you have a page or two full of schemes and ideas.

Monthly goals

The next step is to be done at the start of each month. Write at the top: “How can I earn R30 000 this month?” Then, repeat your brainstorming process. Draw from some of your ideas from the first step, and expand upon them.

Weekly goals

Next, you will want to repeat the same process, except that you will replace ” month ” with ” week.” You will want to brainstorm how you can earn R7 500 for the week.
Again, you will want to delve into some of the things you have written down from the previous list.

Daily Goals

Finally, the most important step: At the beginning of each day, write down: “How can I earn R 1 500.00 today?” Once again, you will write down everything that flies into your mind, and combine elements of the previous three lists into this list.

Not only will you be surprised by what your subconscious comes up with for ideas, but by writing them down you will imprint them into your mind. This exercise should turn your mind into a machine that is ready to start cranking out successful results for you in the following year.

Whatever your goal is, if you break your long term goal down into the above steps, you WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT!

Now, like Nike says: “Just do it!”

Next month we will look at sticking to you plan . . .

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