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The Zuby Tracker Watch Gives Kids Freedom and Parents Peace of Mind

Remember how much fun it was to play in the neighborhood with your neighbors and go exploring when you were a kid?  In all honesty, how much would you worry if your kids were out there playing with so little adult supervision?

Zuby watch

In the age of cell phones, we have lost our tolerance for uncertainty, and it worries us not to be able to reach people, especially our kids, immediately.  At the same time, many parents regret that the new generation of children does not have the same freedom and unstructured time to just enjoy childhood.  The Zuby tracker watch can give you the security of knowing where your children are while giving kids the freedom to go out by themselves without fear of getting lost.

The Zuby tracker watch is equipped with GPS tracking so that you can see where your children are while they are walking home from the bus stop, playing with friends in the neighborhood, or shopping for a holiday present for you at the mall.  You can monitor your child’s location from your smartphone .  You can set up the watch to send you alerts every time the child goes outside of a pre-programmed “safe zone” or deviates from familiar routes.  The Zuby tracker watch also sends an alert to your smartphone every time the child takes off his or her Zuby tracker watch.

Why Kids Love the Zuby Watch

The Zuby watch is made from colorful, durable materials, and its display is easy to read.  It is waterproof, so kids can wear it in the swimming pool.  Wearing a watch makes kids feel grown up, and having the freedom to go places without their parents makes them feel even more grown up.

Visit the Zuby website to find out more about the Zuby tracker watch and its features.


Zuby watch

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