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Things You Need to Know About a Man’s Beard

Things you need to know about a man's beard

Whether he just has stubble or a full grown beard that reminds you of a bush, a man’s beard can be very fascinating and it can say a lot about him and his habits. If you want to be in the loop, read these 5 things you need to know about a man’s beard.

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1. His beard is his pride

Asking a man to shave his beard is like him asking you to shave your eyebrows. He certainly won’t shave his beard just because you asked him; sorry you’re not that special. Men spend months growing and grooming their beard, which to them is like their own piece of art. If he takes the time to look after his beard then you should leave him and his beard alone, he’ll shave it when he’s ready.

2. Food will get stuck in it

This is just an inevitable fact; food will get stuck in a man’s beard. It’s not that they do it on purpose, it’s just something that happens when they have a beard. It also differs from the meal he is having, there a huge difference between eating a steak and eating a hamburger. So, there’s no use in staring at him waiting for food to get caught up in his facial hair . Why not be a sweetheart and help him pick the food out of his beard later?

3. His patience is a virtue

Men with beards are actually very patient. It takes a lot of time to grow a beard and there goes a lot of effort into looking after it. A man that can endure all that certainly deserves a reward. He knows how it feels to wait for something and expects nothing but perfection. Maybe it’s time to get yourself a bearded man or persuade your man to try a new look.

4. It takes confidence

Walking around with a bush of facial hair takes a lot of confidence. Not all men have the guts to get in touch with their inner cave man, so praise to who have. Not only does he not care what others think but him, he has a very accepting nature. This is good news for you, at least you know that youre man accepts you a hundred percent for who you are – now you know what type of guy to look for.

5. Bearded men are healthier

According to studies a beard blocks the UV rays of the sun and protects the skin. This mean s that bearded men are protected from premature aging, how amazing is that? So under all that facial hair is a youthful and healthy looking man!

There is nothing more manly than a man with a bush of facial hair. So next time you can impress a man with how much you know about his beard because you now know what you need to know about a man’s beard.

Written by Shannigue Hodman

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