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Three Anti-Aging Products You Don’t Need

anti aging products

2. Lip Exfoliators

anti aging products

What they are: Dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable, but you don’t need to purchase a special product to relieve them. Most lip exfoliators consist mainly of sugar and natural oils in a wax base to hold everything together.

The issue: Lip exfoliators work, but they are pricy.

How to solve it: Spare yourself this unnecessary expense! Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your lips. The next morning, gently rub them with a washcloth, and the dead skin will peel right off. For a natural alternative, replace the petroleum jelly with olive oil and with a light hand, rub a toothbrush on your lips in a circular motion to get rid of the dry skin. This quick-and-easy exfoliation technique will leave your lips feeling smooth and soft.


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