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Three Simple Ways to Become Your Best Self, Today!

Reasons Why Attitude Determines Altitude

There are many ways that we can improve ourselves. Some of us take up yoga and meditation or learn a new language, while others read self-help books. However, one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this is through positivity towards others.

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Here are 3 steps that show you how being positive about others makes you a better person:

Positivity boosts social skills

Being positive about other people improves your social skills and widens your social circle. Negative assumptions about others keep us from getting to know them on a significant level and even getting to know them at all. When you let go of bad thoughts and expectations you open yourself up to a better understanding of those around you and. You become able to develop mutually-satisfying and maybe, even lifelong relationships.

So, next time you find yourself in one of those long end of the month queues at Pick ‘n Pay, why not strike up a conversation with someone you might not normally interact with. You never know where a simple “Hey, is that almond milk? I’ve been meaning to try that for ages” may lead.

Positivity is a cycle

Remember when you used to be warned against hanging out with the wrong crowd as a kid? Well, your mother may have been on to something. People have the power to influence one another whether knowingly or not. Fortunately, just as someone else’s bad mood can leave you feeling a little less sunny; a smile from a stranger can brighten your entire day.

We are social beings. We thrive on the positivity of others, who are also affected by our positive vibes. You might think: here comes another hippy dippy rant, but think about the last time someone close to you achieved something. How did their positivity and happiness make you feel? On some level it had to have boosted your own positivity, and gave you a “Yes, I can!” attitude towards achieving your own goals.

When we encourage and support our loved ones, we make a contribution, however small, towards their growth and happiness. In turn this positivity comes back to you as you witness their improvement.

Positivity boosts self-esteem and confidence

Often the characteristics of someone battling with issues of self-esteem are the over criticism and the undervaluing of others, which mirrors their feelings about themselves, which they get in return, perpetuating a negative cycle.

One of the hallmarks of confidence is a positive attitude towards others. You are able to appreciate those around you and show them care and support. So, the answer is simple: if you want to improve your self-esteem you need to be positive towards others.

Go ahead and give your time to that relative who needs a few hands while moving house. Acts like this have been proven to boost to our positive feelings giving us that “warm feeling” inside.

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