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Tips on Designing a Great Home Office

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For those of us who work from home, having an office is essential if you want to get any work done. So here are some tips on how you can design your perfect home office.

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Know what you need

Before choosing a location you need to decide what it is that your home office will need. So ask yourself, what will you be doing in that space? Will you have clients visiting? Will you be working with colleagues? What type of work will you be doing? What materials or equipment will you be using? Will you be making lots of conference calls?

Once you have an idea of what you will need, you can start determining whether you need good lighting, seating, an extra desk, electrical outlets, storage space or office equipment.

Choose your Location

The next step you should take in designing a home office is to choose a designated work space. It doesn’t have to be large but it does need to be separate from other areas. This can be a corner, table or an entire room that is almost never used.

It needs to be separate from your home space, so that when you’re off the clock you can still relax at home. Remember when choosing to take into account the amount of distractions around you, whether that space in the attic is quieter than your living room for example.

Keep it organized

During work you process a lot of information, which can easily get cluttered and disorganized making you less productive. Home offices are no exception. This is why you need to think about the storage requirements that specifically cater for your work and paper trail.

You need to keep all of your work in your work space so that you can find things easily, like your day planner. The solution to this is making sure there is a place for everything, which can be as simple as having paper trays and pencil holders. You can also include some floating shelves or a cabinet in the closet if you’re tight on space.

Make it your own

You’ll be spending 8 to 10 hours in your home office. This means you’ll want a space that you want to work in, but if it’s too comfortable you may be less motivated and productive. So how do you balance it? To feel motivated in your work space you need to add items that cater to your personal taste and arrange them in a way that makes it feel professional and comfortable.

For example, if you like bright colours make sure to use them while offsetting them with muted tones so that it isn’t too distracting. Adding small touches such as your favourite object or picture, stylish sticky notes, a decorative pencil holder and even matching colours with office supplies can give it a homey and personal touch.

Creating your perfect office space isn’t impossible. With the above tips, you can design a professional home office just for you without having to be an interior decorator.

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