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Tips To Saving On Essential Items For Your Babys’ Nursery

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There is great pressure on expecting parents to provide the best things for their babies. Whether it’s from baby expo’s, media marketing, retail stores or other parents. You will not be a better parent if you have the all the latest products which they try and sell you, claiming a wonderful array of things.

Don’t fall into that trap. Establish from the beginning the difference between “nice to have” and the “need to have”.  Never forget that what your baby truly needs is security, love and attention, not necessarily the most technologically advanced material items. In a nutshell, your baby just needs you.

Not everything you buy needs to be new or from well known brands.

Here are some items you can save on:


• Buy at less expensive stores.  With the amount of spills and mess that come with a baby, you need not spend a fortune on fancy clothes that are going to be too small in a few weeks.
• Don’t buy too many baby grows in the same age-group, make sure you have a few of each, and then buy as needed. Babies are always growing, so it wouldn’t be cost-efficient to buy bulk and all in the same size.
• Provide the organizer of your baby shower with a wish list. Thereafter make a list of what is still needed to be purchased. A list will also help you resist the temptation to buy items you don’t actually need.

Baby Furniture/Equipment:

• Baby Bath: Check out Jet who recently had baby baths for under R80, you can also buy this 2nd hand at Baby Go Around          (http://www.babygoaround.co.za )
• Crib/Cot: You don’t necessarily need a crib. A camp cot is sufficient, affordable and portable.
• Chest of drawers: Try Mistry’s         (http://www.mistrys.co.za/index.php?pg=home) or your local 2nd hand furniture store. You can also try Gumtree, as many people sell their unwanted baby furniture there.
• Baby carrier : these are available for a reasonable price at Pep Stores
• Washable waste bin: Try Westpack       http://www.westpacklifestyle.co.za/store_locator.html
• Pram and car seat combo: this is the best combo to get, as the car seat acts as a rocker too, which comes in handy when coaxing your baby to sleep. This can also be bought second hand off Gumtree and Baby Go Around. Shop around to find the best price.


• Join a loyalty programme such as the large pharmacy goups have to receive points and/or cash back for your baby’s toiletries.
• Look out for week end and month end specials at stores.
• Start buying these while pregnant, and also request them for your baby shower wish list. The more you have on hand the better, as you go through these items quickly. You can never have too much bum or nipple cream!
• Supermarkets have ongoing in-store specials, and these work out cheaper than the specialist baby stores.

By avoiding buying the first thing you see, you can compare prices, and make an informed purchase. You need to remember that these are items that will be grown out of very quickly as your precious child grows. As you can see, it is possible to provide an attractive and perfectly adequate nursery without breaking the bank.

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