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Top 10 Rich, Powerful and Sexy Women in the World

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Who runs the world? These 10 women will have you thinking hard about who really runs the show. They are rich, sexy and at the top of their game. Here are 10 of the most powerful, rich and sexy women:

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1. Christine Lagarde

As a French lawyer and politician Lagarde is the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund. She was so excellent at her job at a Chicago based international law firm that she became chairman of the board. She then became the finance minister of her home country before becoming appointed as the managing director of the IMF. She is not only ranked at no. 5 in the Forbes Most Powerful Women list, but also no. 1 in Glamour’s Magazine’s sexiest politicians list. Making you rethink the term “silver fox?”



2. Isabel dos Santos

This Angolan beauty with an exceptional mind for business has a net worth of US3 B and she was named by Forbes the first female African billionaire. Born to Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she has become a mover and shaker in industries such as telecommunications, retail and finance in Angola and Portugal.





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