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Top 10 Xmas Gifts Under R 500


Struggling to find Christmas presents that doesn’t cost more than R500? Well you’re in luck! Here is a list of gifts that you can get for your friends and family under that price.

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1. Women’s Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not get yours some jewellery for less than R500. All the leading retailers will have specials on a variety of necklaces, rings and bracelets. So why not have a look through various shops to find the most glamorous gifts.

2. Spices and Sweets Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are a good way to go if your friends are into cooking and baking. Specialist shops will have specials on sets with good quality spices for cooking and sweet treats for baking. So why not get your hands on these to satisfy anyone’s sweet or savoury tooth.

3. Biltong Cutter

If you’re looking for something for your man then why not get him a biltong cutter? They often come with a blade, solid wooden block and sharpener. These don’t have to be expensive, but others are, so do your research.

4. Picnic Set

Encourage your friends to get outdoors with a Picnic set. These will often come with glasses, plates, bowels, cups and cutlery. The price range is normally over R500 but if you browse through most camping stores you should be able to get one under that price. Some are even biodegradable, for those eco-friendly friends.

5. Tote bags or Handbags

Do your friends keep running out of handbag space? Then why not give them a tote (bag for large items) or a large stylish hand bag. You’ll be able to find handbags in any clothing store, so be sure to look for ones with a colour, pattern and cut that will suit your friends.

6. Body Care Gift Sets

If your family is all about body care, then why not get them a gift set? Depending on what retailers you go to, different places will have specials on sets with items such as eau de toilette, lip balm, body cream, body sponge and body polish. They will also have various prices that will help to keep you within your budget.

7. Bowls and Plates

Why not offer items from different porcelain and metallic collections from across the country. Snack bowls, decorative plates and wine holders are some of the various items that you can get to help spruce up anyone’s dining room. The prices can differ depending on where you go, but there will be ones priced below R500.

8. Leatherman

We all know that Leatherman’s make great gifts for the outdoors man, so why not get yours one? Depending on what camping store you visit, most of them will come with pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, bottle opener, can opener and knives.

9. Pop Moulds

Help your friends deal with the summer heat by giving them pop moulds .You can even get funky and fun ones that create different shapes, from fish and ice cream to watermelons and rabbits. So make sure to look through different stores to find the perfect ones.

10. Baking Sets

Baking sets are the perfect gift for any friend that enjoys spending their time in the kitchen. Depending on where you go, some sets offer a whisk, sprinkles, spatula, cupcake holders, cupcake or cake mix and decorations. So be sure to look around for the best deal.

Finding gifts that aren’t ridiculously priced doesn’t need to be a difficult task, just by looking through this list you’ll be able to find a perfect gift for anyone.

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