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Top 6 Activities for the December Holidays


Trafalgar 611x133-bannerThe December holidays are almost upon us and for most it is the only time one gets to fully unwind, especially if you have had a busy and stressful year. With a lot of down time on your hands, one could find pleasure in engaging in one of the following activities perfect for the holiday:

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1. The Beach

In summer you can never go wrong with a day well spent at the beach. It is the ideal holiday activity particularly for those on a tight budget as it costs you virtually nothing. You can also incorporate a number of fun activities suitable for the beach such as something active like volleyball or simply something relaxing like sun tanning. Above all it is the perfect opportunity to get all your friends or family involved.

2. Create a useful object

Unleash your creative side with some arts and crafts. This can be in the form of DIY projects which does not have to involve something tedious like house restoration tasks, but rather something fun like creating objects that would be useful for you to use around your house. There are plenty of sites on the web that provide step by step tutorials on how to create unique and crafty items that are both decorative and useful such as candle holders or picture frames. This would also be a very good way to make Christmas gifts as opposed to relying on purchased items from the store.

3. Sample new food

It is human nature to get accustomed to doing the same thing over and over or following a routine. It is highly likely that you have a favourite restaurant or even a few and do not give a second thought as to what you are going to eat or where you are going to enjoy a meal out. A good holiday activity would be to try out different restaurants and sample different foods – especially trying those you have been promising yourself you would for years.

4. Be a tourist in your own city

One can live in a place for years and never visit the places that make your city an attraction to outsiders. This can be a popular tourist destination or even a best kept secret held by the locals. December would make the perfect time to visit all the places that you have never been to and that make your city so great. Alternatively if you are lucky to have the budget, you could take the opportunity to visit another place that is popular tourist destination. They are after all popular for a reason.

5. Do something charitable

For some, the desire to give back is huge but often we do not have the time or the resources. While we may get caught up simply wanting to enjoy ourselves during the holidays, perhaps it would not hurt to spare a thought to those who are less fortunate than ourselves and contribute in some way to a worthy cause – even if it is just with our time.

6. Treat your kids

The December holidays means that if you have children, they will be on holiday. One can use the holidays to spend as much time as possible with them, especially if your work requires you to spend very little to no time with them during the year. You can treat them by doing their favourite activities or letting them eat their favourite food – fortunately it does not take much to please a child.

The December holidays are the ideal time to relax and also take the time out to try out new activities. It is opportunity that should not be missed considering the busy lives so many of us live.

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