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Trendy Kitchens That Will Inspire a Season of Hosting

Renovating your kitchen isn’t budget friendly by any means, but there are a few things that you can easily do to give a mini facelift in time for a season of hosting and dinner parties. Obviously, not everyone has the option of marble countertops, a unique backsplash and gold barstools, but you can totally hack a kitchen update with a few tricks… and maybe a coat of paint.

While you can’t go wrong with a good kitchen gadget or DIY hack, the key to true culinary inspiration often lies in a well-organized and creative kitchen. So here are 20 absolutely swoon-worthy kitchens for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.


1. Marble and Brass Bliss: True, open shelving is nothing new, but it is still super practical, pretty and functional. Plus, how else would you get to “snoop” through someone’s kitchen without actually, you know, opening any cupboards? (via Domino)



2. Modern Deco: Geometric shapes are totally “in,” and the more unique, the better. Add some geometric patterns with a tiled backsplash or, if you’re looking for something less intense, a geometric throw rug or dish towels. (via Emily Henderson)


3. Colorful Rugs: Rugs are a brilliant way to bring color into a kitchen, cover up an ugly rental linoleum or add some textural warmth. Just make sure you throw down a non-stick pad underneath! You don’t want any slippage while you’re carrying around hot trays of cookies. (via Amber Interiors)


4. Forest Green Chic: YAS! What’s not to love about this lush green kitchen cabinet color? Not only is the color totally luxe, but the gold lights and teal bar stools really crank up the glam factor in this kitchen. (via Black Lacquer Design)


5. Mid-century Accents: Whether you want to go for a glamorous crystal chandelier or a quirky gold lamp above your open shelving, lighting is a great way to update your kitchen without doing too much work. (via New Darlings)


6. A Pop of Color: All trendy kitchens seem to have one thing in common: a good pop of color. From painting the bar stools to adding bright dishwater or even painting the oven, color is the best way to add more personality and style to your kitchen. (via A Beautiful Mess) Here are some of our favorite colours for your kitchen.


7. Textured Patterns on White: One surefire way to add a touch of creativity to your space is to doll up your backsplash. Light wood floors, a colorful rug and a lightly patterned backsplash come together perfectly in this gorg kitchen. No backsplash budget? Bet you could use removable wallpaper to get the same look. (via Domino)


8. Serious Glam: Whoa, this kitchen just took gold foiling to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a serious dose of gold, try covering your cabinets with gold contact paper for a quick — and easily removable — kitchen makeover. (via Fiona Lynch)


9. True Blue: When everything has its own place and can be tucked away, you’ll be amazed at how much more spacious the kitchen feels. (via Blakes London)


10. Country Gray: Here, shades of gray and a white marble countertop create the perfect balance of dark and light contrasts — especially with the copper pots and gold hardware. This gorgeous kitchen has the perfect balance of classic and modern, especially with those stacks of all-white dishes. (via SF Girl by Bay)


11. Coastal Themes: You really can’t go wrong with contrasting woods, and this kitchen is rocking light gray cabinets with warmer wood floors. Light wood provides style and warmth, while the rest of the kitchen employs natural light and plain accessories to keep everything looking nice and bright. (via Amber Interiors)


12. Exposed Pink: Okay, exposed brick all on its own is amazing, buuuut, this soft pink brick might be a little more awesome. Obviously think twice about painting brick, because you can’t really go back — but if you go with this soft shade of pinky peach, there’s a minimal chance you’d end up with painter’s remorse. (via Little Greene)


13. Light Lift: All about that classic look? This elegant kitchen is decked to the nines with a casual-chic look that could easily transition from girls’ night in to a fancy dinner party. Taking inspiration from Scandi decor, light wood cabinets, white countertops and quirky hanging storage really seal the deal. (via Domino)


14. High Drama: When it comes to colorful kitchens, black often gets overlooked, even though it looks amazing in the kitchen. Black cabinets bring a modern and sexy vibe to any space and makes the kitchen feel a little bit edgy and totally sophisticated. (via Inside Out)


15. Cool Blue: If you’re just looking for a quick weekend project or want to give a paint color a trial run before you buy gallons of it, why not just paint the island? This could be a great IKEA hack for a budget kitchen makeover. Oh yes, this could be the start of something truly beautiful. (via Domino)


16. Stylish Storage: You don’t need vast expanses of countertops to have a Pinterest-perfect kitchen. A dark accent wall creates the perfect focal point in this closet-sized kitchen that’s nailing that whole hanging storage thing. (via Dr. Livinghome)


17. Copper Dreaming: Whether your kitchen is modern and minimal or totally rustic-chic, copper adds just the right amount of warmth and glam. Go bold with copper pendant lighting, like this beautiful kitchen, or just pick up a few copper pots to display on your open shelves. (via l’Appartement Living)


18. Bursts of Teal: Exposed brick, open shelving and pops of color? This kitchen is a major crowd-pleaser without being overly trendy. The butcher block countertop is a classic look, while black fixtures and house plants keep the room looking 100 percent stylish. (via Deuce Cities Henhouse)

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