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Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks!

Bounce Back – Learn the lesson and forget the drama. Failure is a chance to start over with a better strategy.

Read: leaders are readers
If you are going to get better at anything then you must expand your knowledge. Take a class, read a book, or do on-line research. Recommit to being a lifelong learner.

Reposition yourself
Your identity is separate from your position or performance. You are not a failure just because you failed at something. You are not less of a human because you lost a deal or a job.  Failure is not so much about you as much as the methods that you were using. Change your methods and you can change your life.

Know your soul’s desires
Write on paper: “Things I want.” Then, list them: a new car, a better job, thinner thighs… Then on another page write, “Things I yearn for.” You’ll be writing things that didn’t appear on your first list. If we want cars, we yearn for freedom and mobility. If we want to be beautiful, we yearn for self-acceptance. So, identify what your soul really yearns for.

Mix with 360 degree thinkers
When you do, you will begin to think and see like them. When you associate with 45 degree thinkers you will only think and see to a certain degree!

A job is what you are paid to do
Releasing your brilliance is what you are made to do. If you are not doing this, move on and do something else. Ok, so you are saying: “I have bills to pay, I can’t just quit”, then transfer to a new division, sell your business, or get a new attitude. If you are not doing a spectacular job then you have a job that someone else needs.

Talk to the hand
That’s what you need to tell all energy thieves, doom & gloom spreaders. If Steve Jobs would have listened to them the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes would not have been created. Don’t accept other’s pessimism, doubt or fear. If you have a dream of an idea, go for it.

An Excuse-Free Year
Excuses are thoughts that tell you that you don’t have the ability to create the life you want.

Change your old excuses:
Excuse: It is/will be difficult.
Affirmation: With God (a Higher Power), all things are possible.

Excuse: I’m too old (or not old enough).
Affirmation: Age is an illusion-there is only now.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
If you implement these 10 proven strategies with intention you will begin to experience the breakthroughs that you truly desire and the future that you are longing for.
Send me and e-mail to haydee@profimpressions.co.za and let me know how you are progressing in your breakthrough journey.

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