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How to Survive Valentine’s Day When You’re on a Tight Budget

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Buying gifts for Valentine’s Day… now that is a special kind of stressful. Don’t make the mistake of trying to show as much love as possible by spending as much money as possible – that’s not how it works. If you’re not rolling in the money, follow these tips to keep your V-Day celebration as low-cost as possible while still making it special.

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1. Sweets for Your Sweet

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Heart-shaped boxes full of expensive truffles and chocolate dusted with gold leaf are basically displayed on every shelf of every store, probably at a 1021% mark-up. They’re clichés, and they’re expensive. Instead of chocolates, Sibiya suggests filling a glass jar with all your partner’s favourite sweets. Think sour worms, jellybeans, liquorice – whatever you know your partner loves! It’s sweet, it’s colourful and it’s sickeningly thoughtful. Or make your own home made sweets. Oh, and cheap. Did we mention cheap?






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