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5 Great Valentines Day Party Ideas

valentines day party ideas

We are always looking for a reason to host a great party with lovely decorations and treats. And Valentines Day is no different. The theme of Valentines Day fires up countless creative ideas. Here are 5 great Valentines Day party ideas that will inspire all party planners and romantic enthusiasts.

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The Valentines Day Family Party

So romance blessed you with little ones and if you wish to make them part of the celebration, why not host your very own family Valentines Day party. Kids love the idea of any party and this one will be no different. Supply children with cardboard which can be cut into heart shaped cards, crayons and any other little decorations fitting for the theme of love. Allow them to make invitations to a party dinner for the family.

Alternatively they can use the same material to make name cards which can be placed on your beautifully decorated table. Which brings us to our next project; flowers and cardboard cut-outs make for quick and easy table decorations. And kiddies will love the adventure of decorating their own party table. Dessert is the third project which the kiddies will love. They will jump to help with the preparing of Valentines Day inspired cupcakes!

The Valentines Day Party for Single Friends

This Valentines Party calls for a variety of great ideas. Once again sweet delectable treats are a great idea and can be made into heart shapes. Red foods are endless, so display beautifully chocolate dipped strawberries and with some Love Potion cocktails or Strawberry Daiquiris. Having a dress-up party is another great idea. Watch your friends dress in all variations of Cupid.

The Valentines Day Office Party

So the office has been decorated and every one feels romantically inspired. Why not add some fun to your Valentines Day office party with some fitting games. A Valentines Day Quiz is one idea in which questions surrounding Valentines Day and the theme can be based. For example, the origins of Valentines Day, the most requested love song on Valentines Day, which animals mate for life are some questions that may be asked. Or perhaps one can incorporate a Valentines Day Party Raffle in which employees can pop red balloons to find a message declaring them a winner of a romantic prize.

The Valentines Day Party for Two

Chocolate fondue berries, strawberries and cream. Not to mention ice cream, figs and champers! These seductive foods will spice up any playful Valentines Party for Two. The beautiful food, romance and sexy outfits can inspire the most enticing games. Decorations are always a great party idea and a party of two leaves much room for the imagination. Candles, lingerie, seductive foods and music are all must-haves at your Valentines Party for Two.

The Valentines Day Double Date Party

Finally you have a good reason to have a dinner party with your friends you hardly ever get to spend time with. An outside dinner is a great party idea. Put some fairy lights up, candles on the table, soft music, fantastic food and the great company of your friends.

February is the month of love and party ideas for Valentines Day are endless and a good reason for a celebration combined with loved ones, beauty and great food. Try some of these Valentines Day party ideas to spice up you 14th of February.

Written by Claudette van Rensburg

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