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5 Vital Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


Sometimes you get the rare opportunity that your boyfriend might want to answer vital questions you may have for him. When the opportunity arises, what questions are the most important things you want to know from him? We’ll tell you the most Vital Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend.

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Below is a list of 5 vital questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. His Past

• Have you been in many serious relationships?
• What previous experiences have made you who you are?
• What regrets do you have?
• What have you done that was really something you never thought you would?
• Worst relationship experiences you have had?

2. Sex

• Do you know your sexual health status?
• What is a good sexual relationship to you?
• What is your impression of foreplay?
• Would you cheat?
• What are your sexual preferences and needs?

3. Character

• What could you change about yourself that you don’t like?
• Where do you plan to be in x amount of years?
• How do you manage money?
• Are you jealous?
• What sacrifices would you make if an important decision had to be made?

4. Marriage/Children

• Do you want to get married?
• Do you want children?
• What would you do if I got pregnant?
• Do you want a prenuptial agreement?

5. Religion

• Are you religious?
• Do you mind that I don’t follow your religion?
• How important is your faith to you and your family?

Remember, be prepared for whatever answer you may receive from him and emphasise that he be as honest as possible. Also, don’t push him if he gets uncomfortable – keep the questions in a conversational tone.

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