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Want To Try Online Dating? Here’s What You Need To Know


You’ve been on blind dates, double dates, dates set up by your friends, family and work colleagues. But here you are, single and frustrated with the whole process.

Maybe you know about online dating but you’re not too sure about venturing onto the internet to find love.

Like with all things relating to the internet, you need to adhere to a few guidelines to make sure that your online dating experience is a pleasant one. Here are 5 things you need to know before you start online dating.

1.Find a reputable site.
This is important, although that won’t guarantee that you won’t encounter any “odd” people online. There are certain dating sites that attract the crazies and you need to be sure that you steer clear of those. Going to a dating site that you may have heard other people have success on, or popular respectable sites will make your online dating experience easier to endure.

2.Keep your profile concise, including.personal details such as your address and cell phone number etc.

Don’t over embellish your biography. Nobody wants to read your life story before ever getting the chance to know you. Make sure that you put information about yourself that will initially get someone’s attention. Also, use a GOOD and HONEST picture of yourself. There is nothing worse than finding out the person you are visually attracted to in not actually whom they presented in their profile picture. Let people see you as you are.

3.Be sure not to reveal too much of yourself.
As you get more familiar with someone you may have an interest in, you start to feel a level of trust with that person. It would be in your best interest to maybe wait until you have an opportunity to meet the person before you start to give

4.Try to look for local people.
Long distance relationships are hard to deal with (not that they are impossible) but it is better to look for potential partners when they are in close proximity to you. It is also said to be easier for scammers to trick and fool you from long distance because it’s harder for them to get caught

5.Be choosy.
It’s ok, this is your life and you want to find someone who will fit into your lifestyle and make you happy. If you have a list and you happen to have high standards, stick by them initially, then try to look for suitable alternatives.

Online dating can be tricky, that is no lie. However, with our lives being so busy, it just seems like there is no time to meet people in the ways we used to. Online dating offers you an opportunity to find love in this new “digital age” .So go ahead, get your profile going and who knows, you might just find your perfect partner.

Busi Nhlapo

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