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How to Wear White Trainers

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Back in 2010 when Phoebe Philo took her last bow from the catwalk in a pair of white trainers the trend came back with a new found zest.

Fast forward 4 years and the number of people who are kicking off their high heels for box-fresh trainers is still growing strong because there was only one way to go- Clean, simple and comfortable the appeal of these white trainers is hard to resist when paired with a hint of teenage nostalgia.

From Kate Moss to Rihanna more and more fashion forward celebs are helping make 2015 the year of the trainers and showing us the best ways to wear them. It’s not as hard as you think, the first step is to shelve your doubts about trainers. Trainers don’t look sloppy, which is why we are going for white and not every day-battered converses.

If your everyday style is a mix of textures and sparkle then that works just as well with trainers as Mono- minimalistic does.


Change it up with a pair of sneakers that have bold lines or even a small patch of pattern. Whatever your trainer taste is, the best thing about this trend is that it is totally accessible. From your R1500 Nike trainers to the pair of white Pierre Cardin’s we are in love with from Spree for R180

The trick is not to over think it. We love this trend because it’s one that anyone at any age is able to pull off with ease. Need a little bit more inspiration? Scroll down to find our favourite ways to wear white trainers all year round.





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with smart

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