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The Week Plan That’ll Help You Get Your Life Together

Life is so busy, it’s easy to feel like you’re struggling to keep up all the time, instead of being in charge of your life and living to the fullest. Between work and socializing, being with your family and finding time to relax it may seem impossible to find a good balance.

This often means important (but less interesting) jobs get ignored, like making healthy food, exercising and spending time on hobbies. Imagine how amazing it would be to have your full week planned, with scheduled times to do all of those things you normally miss out on. So it’s time for a change, and if you follow our tips, you could find yourself, happier, calmer and spending time doing the things that are really important in life.

1. Change your perceptions of time

It may seem counterproductive to spend your precious time making schedules, but you’ll be grateful once you do it. There is something very cathartic about taking your time to consider what you need to achieve each week and writing it all down into a manageable structure, so take your time, light some candles, and enjoy the relaxing feeling of organizing your mind onto paper.

2. Prioritize

Sure, we’d all like to hit the gym every day and spend our time making healthy, delicious suppers or going on long walks but that’s not realistic. Be ruthless with your priorities (we even number our lists in order of importance) and ensure you make the time for the most important things first, the least important stuff will have to fit around it.

3. Sort out your long term goals

Yes, earning a living, eating and sleeping are all pretty vital but don’t just plan the physical things you need to do each week, or you could find that each week is the same. Think about your longer term goals and try to incorporate small steps into your plan where you have time, and don’t forget to think about your emotional goals too. If you do a little bit each week, you’ll get there in no time!

4. Organize with a pretty calendar

We’re all a little more motivated to go to the gym when we’ve got pretty new sportswear (whether we want to admit it or not) and the same applies here. Get yourself a new planner and you won’t be able to wait to start organizing your life. Get a planner that supports your lifestyle.

5. Cut the things that aren’t important

Is there something in your planner every single week that never ever gets done? Does it fill you with panic, or just make you sad every time you see it? Make a pact to either do it THIS week, or not do it at all, and cut anything out of your life that isn’t important.

6. Make sure there’s ‘nothing’ time

Even superwoman can’t spend every waking moment checking things off a list, so it’s vital that you leave enough time for watching TV, having a glass of wine, or reading a book. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to stick to your plan, and if its completely inflexible you’ll give up if you get behind. Remember, this is meant to make life happier and more relaxed!

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