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What is Killing Your Productivity?

Do you find it hard to get your work done in a timely manner? Does it appear as if your to-do list never seems to ever be served at all? Are distractions taking first precedent in your list of priorities?

Do not worry these questions are not to condemn you, but are rather intended to make you feel a little at ease.

We are just human, and that implies that we all suffer from times where our productivity output is simply pathetic. Because we are entirely creatures of habit, we tend to gravitate towards things that will interest (actually distract) us from set tasks we throw ourselves.

Habits are not exclusively identified as matters that are destructive, but can be constructive as well. The key is discovering ways to form good habits that will prevent you from settling back into your previous bad habits.

The best path to free yourself of your bad habits is to identify simply what they are. The style in which you currently work could be the factor as to why you find yourself doing a whole lot of nothing.

Below is a list of five common bad habits that are most likely the cause of your lacklustre productivity.

1. Perfectionism. It is commendable that you strive for excellence. We all should, however, when you are so driven by making things perfect you will only find yourself neglecting other tasks you may need to do.

Defining  high, unrealistic standards for the work you do can make you feel uncertain about whether or not your ability to put out quality is possible or not. The thing is failure is inevitable. That does not necessarily make you a bad person. Rather than putting all focus on perfecting, make sure you are actually finishing the work.

2. Multitasking. Multitasking is one of the most deceptive bad habits because people think that by doing many things at once constitutes productivity. This obviously is not the case since it has been proven a time over, that multitasks often produce mediocre work. There might be pressure to get a lot of work done, but doing it all at once will not help. Focus on fewer tasks and make sure they are complete.

3. Indecision. Indecision can derail you from finishing a task since because you will go through a myriad of reasons why certain things may operate and other will not. It is very important to practice your ability to DECIDE. When it comes to decisions of great importance, take some time, but make sure that you have a deadline which you need to meet.

4. Being a Yes-man. Do not feel bad for saying no to people. In fact, you should say no more often, to whomever may be a distraction to you. Time is valuable and you need to allow people around you know that. Be honest and tell people that you are busy or tell them to talk later when you are finished with work.

5. Not planning. By not having a plan or routine, you set yourself up for destruction because your brain relies on you “switching on” to work mode. Nobody really wants to work and if you just allow yourself to work when you feel like it, it will only end in no work done or it being done poorly.

Get in the habit of working in the same place and at the same time as often as possible. Granted, you may need to be flexible should any event arise, but even so,  recover and figure out what your plan of action will be and build on from that.

Busi Nhlapo

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