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What is Your Life Purpose?

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? How do you know if you are living your life purpose or not? Well, here’s a simple test: If you are not living each day with passion, excitement and energy, then you are not living your life purpose. Here is how to find your purpose

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While this may seem like quite a harsh statement – how can one be excited about living every day? – it is possible. You can have a constant, inner excitement about life where you know your place in the world and that you’re doing things to make it happen, even if slowly. Even if you are 50, 60, or even 70 years old, when you have a purpose and you are living true to it, life is filled with meaning and happiness each day.

Which brings us to this million-dollar question: How do I find my life purpose?

How to Discover Your Life Purpose

If you are looking for your purpose and not sure if you are living your purpose right now, or don’t believe that you have a purpose or life has a purpose, then this is for you.

Some of you may be skeptical about the idea of finding your life purpose. What will happen if you find your purpose? Suddenly, life as you know it will be different. Suddenly, you become aware of a whole new spectrum of life you never knew was there. Suddenly, you wake up each day with new-found zest for life.

Having a life purpose is fundamental to living a conscious life.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Purpose

Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.” ~ Tom Thiss

Your life purpose is simply your life’s message, your legacy, the reason for your existence on Earth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20, 40, 50, or older. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do. As long as you wish to live a more meaningful and conscious life, you need a life purpose.

Examples of a purpose:

“To help women discover their worth, break their barriers, and realize their hopes and dreams.”

“To educate and enable people to achieve their best health and hence, live a happier and healthier life.”

Here are 5 reasons why every person needs a purpose:

1. A Life Purpose is the starting point of life

A life purpose is the first step toward living a truly conscious life of your creation. While you can be busy with a million goals and tasks every day, when you don’t have a clear purpose (one that you believe in with your heart), you may well be barking up the wrong tree. That’s because your goals and tasks may well have nothing to do with your higher purpose in life, which means that you can pursue your current goals and tasks for 10, 20, 30 years, then realize down the road that… hey, this isn’t what I really want after all.

Finding your purpose helps you to set long-term goals that move you in the right direction (toward your purpose), in turn rippling out to your short-term goals, then action plans, then daily actions.

2. Clarity on important vs. unimportant

When you know your purpose, you can instantly differentiate between the important and unimportant. The reality is that most people today are so caught up with a million things that ultimately do not make a difference in their lives.

3. Live a life of direction and meaning

When you pursue your purpose and work on your high-impact goals, you’ll readily see your life lit with direction and meaning. As opposed to wasting your time in a job you don’t love, now you can work toward a career that better fits your purpose. As opposed to being around people who are not compatible with you / your goals, now you can find like-minded people. As opposed to living a random existence, now you can create your life of highest meaning.

4. Constant drive and passion

When you pursue your purpose, you’ll gain this incredible burst of energy that never seems to run out. The ability to pursue your life purpose fills you up with so much energy, drive, and passion that you’re constantly excited every day. Every morning, you bound out of bed, excited at what you can do and create in this world.

If you find yourself looking forward to weekends and vacations as opposed to what you do each day, it’s time to think about whether your work is something you seriously care about, or whether it is simply a means to an end.

5. Achieve success (in your terms!)

Many people clamour for success as an end in itself. However, success is a natural effect of doing what you love (and having clear goals, plans, and skills), vs. something you aim for as an end in itself.

As opposed to aiming for success as an end for itself, doesn’t it make more sense to first identify what you truly care for, and then to direct your energy to make this a reality? This is where your purpose comes in. When you discover your true purpose, you will naturally want to devote your life to pursuing it, because it’s what gives you the most fulfillment.

Why Earning Money Is Not Your Real Purpose (And How to Know What Is)

A real purpose liberates. It comes alive from within your soul, igniting, burning, blazing, firing up every day of your life and your existence. It is a purpose you have consciously created and come to embrace as your own.

It is not something you were told, read from a book, or were taught by other people, by institutions, by society.

An imposed purpose, on the other hand, is assigned to you or conditioned in you by others. It is based in fear, driven by ego and obligation to live up to others’ expectations. It is something that binds you and makes you feel disempowered at times.

How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Set aside at least 30 minutes, with no distractions, before you start. If you feel that you are too busy to spare even 30 minutes, consider that 30 minutes is a minuscule investment for an output that will turn your whole life around. Talking to a coach is a sure way to find and explore your purpose, create a new vision for your life and set goals and an action plan to achieve them.

1.Consult Your Inner Self

Answer the question: “What is my life purpose?” Write down all thoughts that come up. For every thought that pops in, continue asking that same question.

If you don’t know whether it’s the answer or not, it’s most probably not the deepest answer you can get. Dig further. Do it at separate sittings, without attaching yourself with this answer. If it’s truly the answer, it’ll come up again.

Your final statement should be about 2-3 lines. You want to make sure your mission statement is sharp and concise so you can immediately remember it no matter where you are. If you have several lines, that’s great – work from there and pick out the key essence of what you are conveying with them. Your purpose should be long enough such that it means something to you and concise enough so it’s easy for you to remember.

It should be framed as an action, such as “To help women discover their worth, break their barriers, and realize their hopes and dreams.” Your purpose must trigger you into action continuously.

All the words used in your life purpose statement should resonate with you. It must charge you up into action. How do you feel when you see your statement? Do you feel inspired? The stronger you feel, the more aligned the statement is with what you want.

It should be a direction, not a destination; your statement should be an action which is an on-going journey.

2. Refine Your Statement

Now that you have gotten the answer to your life purpose, the next step is about tidying/crafting it into a proper mission statement. A mission statement is a statement that states your objective of life. It’s meant to be concise and to the point, so it’s usually just a few lines long.

Example: “I aim to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. My vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship and activities to benefit society.”

Now that you have discovered your new found purpose in life, it’s time to integrate it in your life.

Living in Alignment with Your Purpose

Now that you have discovered your purpose, it does not just end here! This is when life truly begins.

The next step is to define your life goals laddered down from the purpose. This is a very important step as goals ensure you are getting the best out of your defined purpose and your accountability to your own purpose. Then develop your strategy and action plan.

Even at your workplace, you can be true to your purpose. The most important thing is to live to your purpose every day to your best ability within your constraints, because there is no better way you can do it.

No matter who you are or what you do, you have unlimited potential to achieve everything you have ever wanted. I’m here to help you achieve your highest potential, to be the best version of yourself, and to live your best life.

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