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What Kind of Driver Are You?

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What Kind of Driver Are You?

When it comes to most women and driving, caution is the order of the day. However, there are a few who dabble in the fast lane because ultimately, it all boils down speed.
Learning to drive is a rite of passage that many privileged people undertake in order to gain the ability to operate a vehicle and thanks to the 21st century, women make up a decent amount of the driving population.

In general, there are two types of drivers: the experienced driver and the painstakingly slow and cautious driver.
•    Experienced drivers are those that find it easy to drive and are comfortable on the road whether they are cruising or manoeuvering in heavy traffic.
•    The cautious driver (whether experienced or not), is constantly aware of their driving and are the type of drivers that stick to the recommended speed limit and follow the rules of the road almost to a fault.

Need for speed
There are occasions where driving fast is an absolute necessity. In an emergency or when you are running late you might find yourself stepping a little hard on the pedal. Sometimes, there are drivers who enjoy driving fast just for the heck of it.

On an open road or fast lane there are some drivers who like to push their cars to their speed limits or just experiencing the thrill of driving fast.
Taking in the scenery
The fear of being involved in a (major or minor) car accident is one of the biggest reasons that there is quite a high number of cautious female drivers.

Although the general assumption is that women are more cautious (and bad) drivers, there are also those who take the precaution to a bit of an extreme, such as driving very slowly in unnecessary circumstances.

Petrol is expensive
With petrol prices going up more often rather than going down, the need to be a careful when driving and preserving petrol has never been greater.

However, the thing about either going to slow or too fast, can cost a driver as more petrol is used in both extremes.

So if saving petrol determines whether you drive too fast or too slow, then you are driving at a loss regardless.

Careful how you drive
Whether experienced or cautious, your driving capabilities can land you in serious hot water. Other drivers can become annoyed with your particular style of driving whether it is too fast or too slow and this might lead to some form of road rage.

Whichever side you fall in on the speed-o-meter, always try to abide by the rules of the road and respect other drivers. Put your safety and those of your passengers first and foremost and always keep your cool in road rage situations.

Learn to enjoy your car and your driving abilities and once in a while, safely experiment with both limits to better understand what kind of speed is more suited for you.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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