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What to Wear on Your First Date


As women it’s sometimes expected that picking out the perfect date outfit is second nature, but this isn’t always the case. Most of us stare at our wardrobes for hours until we pick out the cleanest thing and run out the door.

We all want to dress to impress, especially if it’s the first date, so here are a couple of tips to help you pick the perfect outfit.

Dress for the Occasion

When it comes to the first date it can be difficult to know if an outfit is too formal or too casual. To help you pick out the right outfit ask where your date is taking you so that you can dress to match the occasion. This will give you an idea on whether you need to put on those heels or keep them in the cupboard.

So do some research and find out where the venue is, if you’re going for a date at an up class restaurant, give them a call to ask what the dress code is. You can look formal with a silk blouse, dress and heels. If it’s a daytime date at a café, museum or park, try and keep it casual by wearing your favourite jeans with sneakers or sundress and some sandals.

Wear Comfortable shoes

You may not think it, but wearing the right shoes can be more important than your clothes. Now before you get up and argue, think about it. If you are wearing a beautiful dress with your hair done up and some scruffy shoes, then the whole outfit end up looking mismatched doesn’t it? So when you put together an outfit it’s a good idea to start with your shoes.

When picking them out, remember that it doesn’t matter what brand you wear, as long as they look well cared for. It’s also important to check what kind of date you are going on so that you can wear the right shoes. You wouldn’t wear your 5 inch heels to a miniature golf course or a walk in the park. Where ever you go, make sure to wear shoes that are modern, comfortable and make you feel sexy.

Show off your personality

You want your date to know who you are from the get go, right? This can be difficult if your cupboard is filled with kitten jumpers and crocs. So put away those magazines with the latest trends, if that isn’t your thing, and put on clothes that are part of your style.

Never dress like someone you’re not, rather let your personality shine through your clothes.

But sometimes too much personality can scare off you’re date. If you’re date isn’t into the way you look, then you might not get the chance to move past the initial attraction. You want to be the best version of yourself, but it’s also important to look natural and confident with yourself.

The key is to keep a balance between the two, wear an item that is fun and colourful while toning done the rest. By the second or third date bring out the more risky outfits, but keep in mind if they don’t like your style then maybe they’re not right for you.

Now that you know how to dress for your date, put on your outfit and go knock them dead!

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