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What to Wear to a Rugby Match Date

what to wear to a rugby match

So you’ve got a date with a really cute guy and it just happens to be a rugby date. What to wear is the first thing that crosses your mind, well don’t despair, with these great ideas you’ll look great and enjoy your date! Here’s What to Wear to a Rugby Match.

What To Wear To A Rugby Match

Turn heads while you’re at it; remember confidence can make any outfit look great! Below you will find our top tips & inspiration on what to wear to a rugby match:

• Wear Supportive Colours

When choosing the perfect outfit there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, identify which rugby game you’re going to see and which team you and your date will be supporting. That way you eliminate figuring out what colours to wear (include team colours if you don’t own a rugby tee!) This will show your date that you are excited as well as confident in his team; you’ll definitely gain brownie points with your date.

• Comfort is Key

Wear your most comfortable shoes, be it sneakers or thong strap sandals. The perfect skinny jeans are always a great look & a comfy bonus! Also, if you are more of a shorts kinda gal, that is what you should throw on with your rugby tee/plain tank.

Take along a team colour matching hoodie to wear or even a simple denim jacket to chic up your look. If you want to take it a step further, throw on a daring black leather jacket! That will definitely be an eye-catching combo!

• Don’t over-do it

Sports is all about simplicity, the moment you over-do it, it becomes something entirely different! Don’t accesorise too much, a pair of shades & a t-shirt pendant should be enough.

Don’t bury your face in make-up; keep it natural with just enough gloss & foundation (maybe some mascara & eye liner) not more than that though! Too much bling-bling will ruin not only your look, but your date too, as he will consider you as being “too high maintenance”.

• Be yourself

Don’t let the nerves mess with your head or fashion sense. Keep yourself in check by doing the things you would normally do when preparing for your date.

Also if you are a rugby girl, then be a good sport, if not, ask your date questions regarding the sport. Not during the game, rather beforehand, as that will show interest and create a good atmosphere.

• Some more inspiration:

• Top 5 Rugby Fans Gone Wild:

Have Fun! Don’t forget to enjoy every second! Follow these steps to smashing together something great to wear. When you’re ready you will not only feel & look fabulous, but also comfortable and confident! Keep it classy, sporty and simple. I hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on what to wear to a rugby match. Please share your photos with us!

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