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What Went Down at the VMA’s


The Video Music Awards (VMAs) we’re held in Los Angeles on the 30th of August.  A lot  of drama went down on the event  and it all left no surprise to the fans as we are used to the states and it’s unfailing  drama.  Here is a list of the things which made hell break loose on the VMAs:

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  • Nicki Minaj called the naked money Cyrus a b***h on stage as she was fetching her award.  Miley thought Nicki was joking till she saw her facial expression which demonstrated seriousness
  • Ember Rose decided to put all the insulting names people call her on her costume, the costume was a bit transparent and her best friend wore the same design on the costume.  The two besties decided to twerk  on those transparent costumes which had offensive names and it left people surprised because it was least expected
  • Kanye west announced that he will be running for president on the 2020 presidential campaigning.  He later annoyed his wife Kim Kardashian by pretending to fall asleep during Tylor Switft ‘s Speech. He then admitted to have smoked a joint that night
  • Miley Cyrus was Hosting the event and she was butt naked as all her outfits never left a little bit for the imagination. The 22 year old underdressed with balloon costumes and steal coverings, you name the rest
    The VMAs Were nothing but a tremendous event as most stars managed to break records.  Kanye West  Was the talk of night so it’s Kanye For president

Here is more about the fun:

Written by Petunia Sibuyi

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