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Why are Women Buying SUV’s?

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Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) are cars that have grown increasing popular with women in recent years. They come in varying sizes and are definitely not the cheapest vehicle to buy, so why are women buying SUVs these days?

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Breaking Stereotypes

As more career women continue to earn more money and have the opportunity to own cars of their own, the need for a car that best suits their lifestyle has become a priority in their decision to purchase. No longer are the stereotypical “women’s” cars such as hatchbacks and small sedans be the cars of choice for women to buy any more. Whether it be a large off-road SUV or a smaller crossover SUV, the SUV has proven to be a versatile car that has great appeal to women. Women are independent, hardworking and adventurous and having a SUV is a great way to explore their capabilities in all areas in life.

SUV Specifics

What makes SUV’s ideal cars is that they are multipurpose and depending on your needs, come in varying sizes. The most popular of SUV’s, the crossover, is perfect for women with a family. They are small enough to drive easily and have enough room to haul children and their accessories around as well all good boot space for groceries.

 SUV’s are also very safe, and that is the main concern for many women when driving on the road. When driving an SUV, you feel secure in its spacious interior and the elevation of the seating in the car allows for better viewing of the road when driving. The crossover is not just smaller than the large SUV’s, but they are extremely easy to drive too.

Here is a list of other design aspects that make SUV’s attractive for women to buy.

  • Large seats with good leg room
  • Large buttons and handles
  • A good step in height to enter vehicle
  • Lightweight doors
  • Pedals that can be adjusted to suit driver
  • Luxury finishes


While younger women may be better suited to smaller cars that are cheaper to buy and more fuel-efficient, mature career women with more disposable income will be more able to afford an SUV. The crossover SUV is cheaper to buy than the standard SUV, which is probably why it is so popular with women.

While car companies will continue to target their focus on male drivers, a greater effort in making all cars, especially SUV’s, more appealing to women will begin to happen. Overall, women will buy a car that they are able to afford, but driving an SUV makes anyone look good and command power on the road, and who doesn’t want to own the road when driving?

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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