Why Do Men Cheat?

why men cheat

Here are the top five things men are looking for when they decide to enter into an extramarital affair — unconsciously in many cases. (It’s really not just about the sex! Seriously!)

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1. An emotional connection

This one may be shocking to some out there. As relationships mature, power struggles tend to become more prevalent (as obvious as the “I’m Right”/”No, I’m Right” conversation and as subtle as the timing and frequency of sex).

When a man experiences repeated power struggles with his spouse, his natural tendency is to “go to his cave,” which really means get quiet and distant and grumpy. And that makes an emotional connection with his spouse that much more difficult. Over time he begins to miss the emotional connection he previously felt with his spouse.

When he meets someone new and they accept him for “who he is” it’s much easier for him to connect with his emotions and feel that connection with this new and interesting person.

Of course when the lust and honeymoon period are over and the power struggles start to arise in the new relationship he’ll likely revert to his well-learned pattern and his struggles will start all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.


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