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Why We Use Coschedule & Why You Should Too!

At Inspiringwomen, we always want to make sure that we are keeping you entertained with only the best content.
This content is delivered to you via various channels such as:
  • Our website
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
This becomes a fairly laborious task if you don’t have the right tools for the job. This is where Coschedule really becomes a life saver!

What is CoSchedule?

Check this quick video:


CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Coschedule is an awesome tool that helps you create marketing or promotional calenders with ease by integrating your content creation process with your social media strategy. We usually plan our content calenders in advance and with the handy workflow management and delegation that Coschedule comes with, life just becomes so much sweeter!

How we use Coschedule

Our entire workflow of how we produce content for our various communication channels are all broken down inside Coschedule.

Here’s a basic bullet point of some of the tasks that go into our process:

  • Do research for next awesome article
  • Define title of post
  • Define social channels to be posted to
  • Requirements of article
  • Find images to use with article
  • Create article
  • Publish article
  • Promote article on social channels identified
  • Repost evergreen content to social channels on a feature date
This is only naming a few. With Coschedule, we can assign these tasks, schedule deadlines and even automate the posting right from Coschedule. We’ve used quite a few tools but nothing really compares to the features and user friendliness of Coschedule.
Here is a screenshot of how it looks when you log in to Coschedule:

From your dashboard, you can see the following:

  • Which tasks have been assigned to you.
  • Which posts you have to do and when
  • Notifications from other users in your team that might have commented on one of your tasks
  • Your top posts to date so that you can track what posts are performing best
The true power for us however lies in the calendar view. This is what you’ll see:
From here, we can see the  who, what and when for each of our scheduled activities for the next few months. Before Coschedule, we used to use an Excel template. I really wish I came accross this tool sooner! It would have saved me and my team PLENTY of headaches.
Another powerful functionality of Coschedule would be it’s social integrations.

Here’s how that looks:

 We use this functionality A LOT! We realize that our users get busy with their everyday lives and therefore, they sometimes miss some of our posts on Twitter and Facebook. With Coschedule, we schedule our social media updates to go out a few times after we published one of our articles.  From the screenshot above, you can see an example of how this works. We would share the post on the day of publication followed by another post the next day. We would then allow for some time to go by so that we take special care not to Spam our subscribers. A month later we would post it again and then one last time the month after. We used to spend hours scheduleing and planning the posts but with Coschedule, you can get this done in 5 minutes. Its awesome!
Overall, Coschedule is a must for any publisher who is serious about running an effective content calender. This tool saves us a ton of time and we look forward to all the other cool updates they are working on.
That wraps up this little post of why we chose Coschedule.

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