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How To Beat Winter’s Drying Effect on Your Skin

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Winter is here, but is your skin ready for the harsh conditions it brings? During colder months the air is drier, and using heaters, whether it be oil, electric or fire, dries up the air even more. Let’s look at methods to protecting your skin from winters’ drying effects –  from head to toe, we have all the info you need to beat winter’s drying effect on your skin.

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  • Apply moisturizer daily, and apply it immediately after showering/bathing. Your skin starts drying as soon as you finish bathing, so to lock moisture in, apply it to damp skin. 
  • find a moisturizer that contains oil
  • To moisturize from the inside out, buy flaxseed oil which is available at all pharmacies.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen. Although it is colder, the sun is still a danger to your skin.
  • Avoid products with alcohol in them, find alcohol-free products. This is especially important when trying to avoid dry skin on your face.

Pay attention to your skin type, for example: if your skin is oily, an oil-based moisturizer is not advisable. In this case you would go for a gel moisturizer. Check your skin type here 



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