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Struggles of Women With Big Thighs

Big thighs

Some of you know how it feels when the last pair of jeans on sale is your size but it cant’ fit over your thighs. Standing in a dressing room with a pair of sexy jeans that’s halfway up feels anything but sexy. If you’re nodding then you can share in the 7 struggles of women with big thighs.

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1. Weight gain around the thigh area

Everyone hates gaining weight and we all have our problem area. For us the thighs and buttocks area is the worst. Your thighs seem to love all those carbs and show it especially after winter. If you want to avoid this you should try some cardio workouts during the winter season for a nice summer body, or in this case thighs.

2. Shorts not your buddy

Your first concern is looking bulky in shorts. So most of the time you have to buy a size up so you don’t look and feel uncomfortable in shorts. It is any women’s misery to buy a bigger size then their regular size. It makes you feel glum instead of feeling great about your new shorts.

3. No thigh gap

Having no thigh gap means that your thighs will always rub against each other. Your thighs chaffing against each other is probably the thing that irritates you the most. An irritating rash forms on your inner thigh and your inner thigh turns black because of all the friction. What a price to pay for being so blessed.

4. You can’t cross your legs

The person that decided that ladies are supposed to sit with their leg crossed over the other obviously didn’t consider women with big thighs. It’s like you’re thighs are hugging each other too tight when sitting crossed legged and have no space to breathe!

5. Pants pull up

When you’re thighs are big you usually have a slim waist. Due to the fact that you have to buy pants that fit around your thighs causes your pants to slip down. Don’t pretend like you haven’t awkwardly wiggled yourself back into your pants when no one’s looking. We all have those moments.

6. Sweat…

You having no thigh gap, this means that your inner thighs will always be warm, especially during summer. You will tend to be sweaty between your thighs that can be quite uncomfortable. This is just something that comes with the territory.

7. Bikinis?

Wearing a bikini might not be that big of a problem to you. Even if you have a tiny body, the thought of baring your not so tiny thighs will scare you. Finding the perfect bottom can be quite the mission. Luckily there is something like a sarong that hides what you don’t wants others to see and makes for a flattering accessory.

You’re not the only one wishing they were magically gifted, just so they could make their thighs shrink. The most important part is to make the best of the struggles you have as a women with big thighs.

Written by Shannique Hodman

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