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Are Women More Attracted To Men In Expensive Cars?

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Today, women can make a living without depending on a man or her inherited jewellery. Let’s put the strong woman in us aside for a second to talk about men and their cars – it could actually be that some cars are more of a women magnet than we thought.

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The Stereotype Is a Fact

A study conducted by the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff has some interesting news. After showing women two pictures of the same man in different cars, it was evident that evolution has not yet caught up with culture. Regardless of how successful the women were and how much money they made, they all chose the man in the expensive car. While men, on the other hand, were more interested in what the woman looked like than the car she was in. The stereotypical genders have therefore been proven to be real and we are all in despair.

On the other hand, it is also possible to use this study to discuss the facts. Since we women, from an evolutionary point of view, are still looking for wealthy men to take care of us, let’s find out what a car can reveal about the personality and how much it pays off to pay more.

The Stylish Two-Seater

Just why a man in his midlife crisis is so attracted to stylish two-seaters, has a simple explanation. It is an expensive, yet not a practical car and signifies that the man is wealthy and free from responsibilities. A single woman finds a wealthy, single man more attractive than a wealthy man with responsibilities. The man in his stylish two-seater is not looking for friends to join him; he is looking for a single woman to sit next to him. In case you only associate fast cars with males, check out this article on women in the professional racing game.

The Big Expensive Car

There are many expensive cars out there, which are nice to look at and also displays a certain level of wealth – just what women evidently are attracted to. Like the Volvo XC90, for example. Even though it is a beautiful car, the male driver is also most likely accompanied by his gorgeous wife and kids. This goes for most of these large cars with four doors; practical for the whole family and with enough space in the boot for everyone’s luggage. So unless you would like to be the other woman, we suggest you stay clear of these car owners.

The Long-Nosed Car

A car with a long nose, or bonnet, is certainly attractive. They look expensive and probably are too, making them perfect for attracting women with. There are however a few reasons to also stay clear of the men with a long bonnet, as they are often seen as the most arrogant of them all. Arrogant and macho, these stereotypes are likely to feel like the he-man when they cruise around.

The 4 x 4 Owner

While women are still seeking out the wealthiest and most protective of men, their men are just as primitive. The old joke about men choosing a big car to feel more powerful does have a degree of truth to it. A man with a large 4×4 is actually just trying to compensate for not being allowed to handle a mighty tank on a daily basis. The 4 x 4 gives a man the power to go anywhere – over the toughest of hills and bravely facing every challenge on his way. Beware of the 4 x 4 owner; he is just as eager to drive over stuff as his car is.

It is no escaping evolution; for the majority of history, women have been depending on men to hunt and provide for them. Even though this is no longer the case, it can seem like our biology still needs to catch up with our culture. Until then, let’s rather rejoice than despair over these facts – we will undoubtedly see many more expensive cars on the roads from now on.

Written by Marte Klausen

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