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10 Things Women Think About During Sex But Never Admit To

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Even though sex is great, it can feel almost impossible to turn off your brain even in the hottest scenario. Seriously, the focus on the deed at hand can go AWOL long before your bra does. Fortunately, handy tricks like focusing on foreplay can help you keep your head in the game. But because thoughts about calling your grams and about a million other things always seem to pop into your head at the worst time, we bring you 10 funny thoughts we’ve all probably had during sex.

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1. Does My Stomach/Bum/Face Look Fat?

We aren’t saying you should dance to Beyoncé’s “Flawless” nude in the bathroom mirror until you can accomplish this, but…actually, yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying. Trust us, he is in heaven being naked with you. Men definitely don’t focus on women’s perceived flaws, especially when they’re admiring the view.


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