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Wrap Your Mouth Around These Great Wraps!


We bring you two tasty wrap variations. One is a Thai Turkey wrap, and the other is a scrumptious chicken wrap. Whatever your fancy, take a peek at these 2 healthy wrap recipes.
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Thai Turkey Wrap

You will need:
1 lime zested and juiced
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp green onion diced
1 Tbsp cilantro
2 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp fresh ginger
1 tsp garlic
¼ tsp red pepper flakes
1 cup roasted turkey breast cut into strips
110 grams carrots (julienned)
110 grams cucumbers (julienned)
1 wrap


• In a bowl combine the lime juice and zest, grren onions, peanut butter, soy sauce, ginger, cilantro, brown sugar, turkey strips, pepper flakes and garlic. Refrigerate with a cover for 2 hours
• Drain turkey and spread evenly on the wrap. Add cucumber and carrot
• Fold and cut in half

Chicken and Cranberry Wrap

4 skinless and boneless chicken breasts
1 cup dried cranberries
1 ½ cups cashew nuts
1 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 Tbsp pepper
1 cup mayonnaise
½ cup milk
8 large wraps
1 cup spinach leaves


• Poach the chicken breasts in half a cup of water with salt in a frying pan.
• In a bowl add the mayonnaise, milk, salt, pepper and curry powder. Add the dried cranberries and cashews
• When the chicken is cooked, cut into pieces and add to the bowl mixture. Combine all the ingredients together
• To each wrap add spinach and some of the chicken mixture.
• Wrap and serve

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