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YES, You can Single-Parent a Road Trip.

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If you’re the only adult/parent/driver on this trip, take all this advice and then multiply it times 10. Keep it simple. Stop a LOT. Like, every two hours. Stop for the night before you get tired. Don’t sweat  the small stuff.

Have fun. And remember, you’re not just telling your kids that women can do anything, you’re showing them.

Slow down and enjoy the ride.
The best piece of advice from experienced road tripping parents is to simply slow down and enjoy the ride. Don’t hesitate to stop at quirky roadside attractions (world’s largest ball of string? yes, please!) and local places to eat.

Sure, you could do 13 hours of driving in one day, but it’s not going to be fun for anyone. Break up your trip into manageable distances so that you’re able to see things along the way besides motorway and more motorway. Do at least one picnic lunch along the way. Which do you think your kids are going to remember: yet another Happy Meal, or that you stopped and had a picnic?


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